I have some selenite on my window sills but not on all of them. I also put selenite on Daisy’s day bed. She loves selenite. It calms her.

I’m thinking of putting some more on my window sills. I have rose quartz, hematite hanging over my front door. To encourage peaceful vibes💕💕


  1. Dad gummit, I typed several lines and lost them!! lol
    I was curious where you can get an eagle feather. Here in the states it is illegal for anyone not of native origin to own. I don’t tell people I have some in me, it isn’t necessary!

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    1. Really it’s illegal? Hmm. Well there is a crystal shop that sells some peacock feathers for smudging. And if a person goes to the country one can find an eagle feather the eagle has shed

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      1. There was a fish hatchery I visited with my cub scouts. They’d have electric wires to keep the herons from the young fish. If those birds lost feathers, they were not allowed to move them from the grounds, but they illegally did so others wouldn’t come by and pick them up. Crazy rules!

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