Friday night found me bored and listless. I decided to go to the movies. They were showing a classic 80s movie. Some Kind of Wonderful.

Finding a seat in the back row, I settled down with my drink and candy.

“Excuse me, but do you mind if I sit here”

A woman’s voice startled me. I turned to find A young woman gazing at me hopefully. She was college age, wearing a pale green sundress that flattered her slender form.

Her lower lip tugged between her teeth. Errand strands of blond hair escaped her messy bun, framing her heart shaped face.

“Um no,” I replied with a smile.

“Thanks! My name is Elodie” she dropped down into the seat beside mine. “You’re Becky right?”

I blinked. “How did you know my name?” I asked warily.

I glanced around the theatre, nervously. We were the only ones seated.

She smiled. “This might sound kind of weird,” she looked away as if she was too embarassed to admit how she came by my name. “Oh gosh!” she covered her face and giggled like a little girl.

My wariness gave way to annoyance. I didnt find coy behavior cute. “Ok I think I am going to go.” I began to rise out of seat.

“Oh please dont!” she grabbed my arm, almost panicked. “Its taken me some time to get up the nerve to talk to you!”

Talk to me? What was she talking about? I wasnt some infamous influencer. I was far from it! I shrugged off her hand.

“I am the one that sent you a picture of me in my thong” she blurted out.

My mind raced. That had been days ago. The picture was of woman seated in a chair, wearing nothing but a green thong.

Now I was beginning to get creeped out. “You follow me on my instagram?”

Elodie nodded. “And your blog. I really enjoy reading it. Your so multi-faceted.” She twisted in her seat raising the armrest between us. “I love your stories. Especially the one where the girl approached you and you fucked her!”

I could feel my cheeks turn red from the uncomfortable heat from her praise. “Gee thanks.” I managed. 

“What do you want Elodie?” I asked. Did I really want to know? She could be some crazed reader. I silently laughed at the idea of having an obsessed stalker.

The theatre darkened and the trailers began. Elodie seemed even bolder by this. She leaned closer, I could smell her perfume the mint of her toothpaste on her breath. “Do you think maybe we could..” she cleared her throat. “Do you think you could…”

I frowned still not catching on to what she was eluding to. “Do I think I could do what?”

“My boyfriend promised to be here, but he is running late.” Elodie inhaled sharply. “I have had this fantasy of you eating me out..”

To say I was stunned by her admission was an understatement. I was speechless. “What?”

“He hasnt given me an orgasm in ages.”

I was being pranked. I laughed nervously. “What?”

Elodie slowly hiked up her skirt. My eyes widen at the sight of her thong. The one she wore was shell pink.

Do you like what you see?” Elodie purred.

The silk indentation clung to the folds of her pussy. My mouth grew dry as I realized what was going on.

“Every time I would read your blog I was thinking of all the ways I wanted you to fuck me. It got me so wet. I couldn’t help it” she ran a finger along her slit, pulling back the fabric so I could see her pussy. “I had to find you. To beg you. To do whatever you wanted.”

My heart kicked hard in my chest. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Her words made me tingle over, I shouldn’t be reacting this way. It was too crazy, but my traitorous pussy was dripping at the thought of making this stranger cum.

I kissed her. She was eager. Letting me taste her lips. The strap of her sundress fell off one shoulder exposing one of her breasts. I smiled. She didnt wear a bra. I kissed my way down her neck to her breasts. She squirmed when I licked her nipple.

“Hmm” she giggled, “Becky that tickles.”

my  hand slid between her thighs, her skin was soft. I covered her pussy with my hand palming her gently. She rocked against me. Panting in my ear. And fuck… Was she wet.  I rubbed her clit.

“Yes” she panted.

my fingers  slid to her hole and I  slipped two fingers inside and the moan… my own juices soaked my panties. I finger fucked her. She was sobbing softly in my shoulder as I found her spot. She jerked, I saw her eyes widen.


I smirked. I hooked my fingers and began to give her a rough ride. Reaching down with my other hand to rub her clit. Elodie’s back arched in her seat, her head flinging back as she hunched against my hand. 

The first squirt of her cum soaked my fingers, dripping over my hand. She clamped her hands over her mouth to muffle her scream. She squirted a couple more times. She sagged in her seat, almost boneless. 

I chuckled at the stupid silly satisfied smile on her lips. I took her by the hips, moving her til she was laying back across two seats. one foot on the head rest the other on the arm rest.

This left Elodie open and wide. I smiled at the sight before me. Elodie struggled to sit up, juice trickling down her ass seeping into the movie seats. She froze.

“Oh my god, he is here!” Elodie gasped when I lowered my head between her thighs. Yet even she protested weakly, her hips lifted off the seat to push her pussy into my face.

the first swipe of my tongue against her clit made her convulse against my face. I licked and sucked her pussy. She rocked against me then her hands went to my head to hold me still.

Elodie rode my face, my mouth, while my tongue lapped at her. “Oh fuck Becky!” she sobbed, her body shaking as her orgasm seized her. “I’m cumming. Yes!” when her fingers slowly released my hair and fell to her side. She tried to sit up as I moved away. 

I giggled wiping my mouth as Elodie’s man approached her from the end of the row. Elodie fixed her shoulder strap and pushed the hem of her dress back over her thighs. She was still trembling from her orgasm. 

“Babe!” her man exclaimed,hugging her. He frowned finally noting her disarray. “Babe are you ok?” he asked in a hush tone.

Elodie nodded. “I was just choking on my candy” she managed.

I tried not to burst out laughing. 

Her man sniffed, his brow wrinkling in confusion as he glanced around. He began to lower himself to a cumsoaked seat. Elodie tried to stifle a gasp as he wiggled himself into a comfortable position. “Babe why is this seat wet?” he asked finally noticing.

“I spilled my pop” I offered. “Sorry buddy” I gestured to my pop cup.

Elodie’s man scowled and moved to the seat on the other side of Elodie. 

“Enjoy your movie.” I smiled.

“Thanks we will” Elodie smiled.

-this was inspired by a woman who indeed sent me a photo of herself in a thong on Instagram.  I have no idea why. huh. 



♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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