I can’t believe it’s Friday!


I’m so excited for the weekend!

I thought yesterday was Wednesday!🤦‍♀️

I had a great day regardless!

I was enjoying every moment of being in drive thru. Enjoying their frustration and anger! Oh the sadist in me was pleased! Very pleased!

Especially when Steve would get angry and yell at the customer to speak up! Or “that is not what she asked you! She is asking you what kind of happy meal you would like! Please tell us what kind of happy meal you would like in the future!”

The new menu system had the speaker low to the ground, who was the genius that manufactured that?!

Well, I thought I was smart nipping that stupidity in the bud! The moment a truck or a piece of junk car rattled up to my speaker I asked them to turn it off. But karma bitched slapped me in the face!

A customer pulled up. I asked them to turn off their truck. They did so. I asked to take their order. Silence. I waited for a few more seconds. “Hello?”

Silence. “May I take your order please!”

Silence. Now I was getting annoyed. I glanced up at the view screen I could see the driver and his girlfriend goofing off. Finally the driver chirped up “did you get that?”

I was stunned. “Get what?! You didn’t order anything!”

He began to speak then fell silent.

Are you kidding me? Was this guy high?!

“Sir please speak up and into the speaker and not to your girlfriend!”

There was muffled exclamations, rustling and he spoke up “did you get my fruit punch?”

“Fruit punch? You are not talking to me! I can not hear you please stop talking away from the speaker! This will be the last time I tell you! I will cancel your order!”

The girl leaned across her boyfriend “I want a fruit punch slushy please!” She continued to order for them.

After that my day went smoothly!

The last couple of weeks my old apartment and first floor has been under renovation. Seriously?! My apartment had serious flood damage. That was 4 years ago! It smelled horrendous then! Can you imagine the smell 4 years later?!

Not to mention the hot mess the other unit was? The sanitation company had to clean it twice and the company couldn’t stomach it!

Anyway the noise from the construction had Daisy under a lot of stress. I couldn’t figure out why she was meowing at night so much, licking herself constantly. Until I realized it was from constant barrage of noise. She hadn’t been sleeping.

I’m a quiet person. I don’t have people over. The only noise she is used to is babies crying. I leave the patio door open for her so she can go out.

Yesterday the neighbor next door decided to get his drive way paved. More noise? Aw hell! Well I closed the patio door before I left for work. I came home and she was back to her old self! 🥰

After the long day I received a message from a friend that I was slowly reconnecting with (bad drama)

At first I thought I was reading one of those horrible email hacks and was reluctant to open it. I clicked on it.

She went through some horrific trauma recently and it was a miracle she was still alive. She showed me a picture and I just about puked.

I went through the motions of expressing my shock and disbelief

I am happy she made it through and she is alive but there was too much bad drama and killed whatever sympathy I could have felt. I am trying though.

I am cold hearted 😢🙁

4 thoughts on “ENJOYING THE CHAOS

♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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