I had a remarkably good day! For once I didnt have a migraine. Nor was I ready to go outside and beat people with a stick!

I did lose my temper a few times. When the 1 lane order taker was taking orders like a delicate flower and kept asking her customer to speak up in a mouse like voice. The customer couldnt hear her or ignored her.

“Ma’am” I broke in, “She is asking you to please speak up!”

First turned to me. “Becky I was handling it!”

I glared at her. “No you werent! How many times do I have to tell you? You have to be assertive and speak up. Talking like you are a delicate flower is annoying and isnt cute! Be more forceful when you are communicating with the customers”

She glared at me.

I was such a disaster! I was dropping things, mixing products, forgetting what I was doing. What the hell was going on! Everyone was laughing at me!

I was so grateful that I only had to ask my customers a few times to turn off their engines. It was truly wonderful. But wow I wonder if I had my head on straight today!

I DONT APPRECIATE YOU IMPLYING I AM STUPID” No one is implying you’re stupid, you proved it when you couldnt read.

  • I didnt order 12 hashbrowns I ordered 2. – it says 3. Dont you think if it says 12 hashbrowns the total would be more than $10
  • I wanted 2 Double Quarters. – yes there is 2 plus the 10 nuggets which is why the meal is $35
  • I wanted a latte. Latte is HOT. not cold. -we dont have cold lattes though.
  • I wanted a hamburger plain with cheese. -so a cheeseburger.
  • I want the white sauce drink. – ????
  • I want vanilla ice coffee no sugar. – so a sugar free ice coffee. you are ordering an ice coffee with only cream.
  • I will have a medium espresso with an extra espresso. -um what?
  • I will have 2 2cheese burger meals. -um so thats 4 burgers total. nope they want 2 double cheeseburgers. because you know that is the same thing!
  • I want a coffee with my mcdouble meal instead of a coke. -black cream or sugar? What? cream in my coke? I didnt want a coffee. – if you dont want it, then dont mention it!
  • What kind of grilled chicken wraps do you have? Chicken caesar and chicken bacon. – so i will have chicken bacon, that’s grilled right? – um yeah you asked for it.


A lot of Entitled Karens  think they can hear us laughing at them whenever they make a complaint “Um sorry, Karen not everything is about you!”

There are at least 6 people in the second booth alone, trying to get drinks and orders done. They do laugh but its mostly because I cant keep my shit together! everyone laughs at what a disaster I am!

The Entitled Karen that had a meltdown today was upset because she thought First lane was also taking orders on Second Lane, ignoring her. Well Gee if she had gotten off her phone she would have heard the OT ask for her order 5x

Finally she was asked to drive down to the Second booth to see what she wanted. EK was fuming and demanded to speak to a manager. She still wouldnt give anybody her order, she was just complaining she was being ignored. She talked to two runners, two window people, the two managers on shift had no idea what the hell she was talking about.

“You are laughing at me behind your mask! Stop laughing at me!” the EK cried.

Finally the presenter lost her shit. “We are asking you what you wanted! We asked you 5x at the speaker and you were talking on your phone! Now tell us what you want so you can go!”

The EK was speechless. “I had a mobile order.”

Everyone was stunned. Then angry. “Are you kidding me!” the presenter was really angry now. “All this time you had a mobile order! You could have just told me!”

Oh the joys of communication!




  1. I seriously love the cheese on the plain burger. The cream in the coke is just silly- she didn’t SAY coke! That last one..that gal needed to get off her phone and speak and LEAVE!

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    1. Before we had two lanes I would tell the customer to please get off the phone. If they said one minute I’m on the phone? I would tell them to move ahead. That always pissed them off. Well, they had until the time they got to the speaker to chat, but now they were on my time! 😂


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