My dad was airlifted to Prince George yesterday after the nurses kept telling my mom he had been improving.

Of course when my mom called PG hospital hours later to see how he was, the nurses were like “he hasn’t arrived yet”

My mom was flabbergasted and angry. She then called our hospital but they gave her the runaround.

It wasn’t until 5pm that the PG hospital called to let my mom know my dad had arrived.

Then just a few minutes ago my niece messaged me informing me that that the ICU nurse called to ask if it was ok to my dad on life support.

I don’t want to be angry at the doctors and nurses for their lack of communication because Covid protocols have made it difficult for them to treat patients. but it is really frustrating.

I’m praying for my dad’s health

10 thoughts on “HE IS NOT DOING WELL

      1. It is better but the only thing I don’t like right now is how people can’t visit their loved ones in hospital because of Covid protocol. But it’s understandable.
        In ER there are only 6 patients allowed.
        My mom wasn’t allowed to walk my dad in to ER and he walked back out because he was confused why there. The nurse kept asking him why he was there even tho my mom told them that he was sick, had breathing problems, heart problems and diabetes.
        She had to dropped his clothes off at the door.
        I imagine that across the globe the protocols are just as strict

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      2. It is. And a lot of people don’t take it seriously. I was downstairs for my mom to drop off something. I had a mask on.
        And the building management walked by “oh you’re wearing a mask? Aren’t you uncomfortable? Everybody has to wear a mask. You know you don’t have to wear a mask in the building”
        No shit, Sherlock!
        “I prefer to wear a mask thanks” I replied.
        Wow. Just wow!

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      3. There are some just dumb people and then there are the stupid people and then there are the evil people who think it’s all a hoax and they are so bent and twisted in their little minds that they think someone made it all up. I’m amazed we’ve evolved to this point.

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  1. Becky, you and your family are in my thoughts. Yeah, the world is a chaotic mess at the moment. I wish people would take this more seriously, I am lucky in that I have the option to only go out if I have to and I always wear a mask.

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