High schoolers: hey beautiful can I get your number.

Me: you’re in diapers, you can’t get my number. 🤢🤮

I was having a great morning. I was being so polite, my voice so clear, I was a real force of nature! So what made these fools think they could fuck with my good mood!

“I will have a coffee with caramel” it began with this guy! After clarifying several times yes it was indeed a coffee he wanted, he pulled up to the second window. “This was supposed to be an iced coffee!”

My eye twitched.

Then a mouthy little punk wanted to give me attitude about not specifying he had a coupon before he had an order. “Are you kidding?” He exclaimed. “Why do I have to tell you I have a coupon!”

“Do you want the discount?” I snapped. “It clearly states on the menu board and on the coupon to tell me before you order.”

“Fine I have a second order!”

I almost threw a cup! “Excuse me? Did you say you have a second order?”


“Please tell me before you start ordering you have a second order!”

“Are you kidding me! Oh my god!”

“Look!” I snarled “it’s really simple! either you want your order or you want me to cancel and you can leave.”

There was silence “I will keep ordering” he replied

He ordered his meal “oh and it’s a coupon” he went on.

My mouth dropped in disbelief “I just finished telling him!” I exploded. My Drive thru team laughed. “We need to get rid of multiple orders!” I muttered.

Every order I had to remind the customers to read the screen. “It IS a meal! I am asking you what is your drink!”

I wanted a drink. Something strong.

However what made my day? Some high schoolers were kicked out because they were spitballing! 🤢🤮

“If they are still in the corner, call the school. No call the police. They are supposed to be in school or at home. We have a pandemic and they are spitting balls at the ceiling?” The management was enraged. So one of the managers told them they had to leave.

They did then tried to come back.

This further infuriated management. “We told you to leave. Get out”

“We are allowed here” one said.

“No either you go or we call the police!”

It was brilliant!

While I was trying not to be grumpy I was also trying to be helpful. I felt like I was letting my team down again. Annie said I was doing a good job.

I grinned “you always do an amazing job!”

♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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