I had enough of women’s fucking attitude today. My plans were to stay in bed and finish watching It’s Ok Not To Be Ok. 

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Instead I decided to venture out. that was a horrible idea.

My mood began I was with my sister. The woman doesnt have a positive bone in her body. She will find anything and everything to complain about. She has severe road rage, and little to no patience when dealing with others. Which is ironic because according to her, everybody just adores her and finds her personality -wonderful!

Grabbing Iced Capps, my sister refused to turn down the music in Timmie’s drive thru.

I reached out to turn down the music.

“Don’t touch my music” she snarled. She knocked my hand away and turned the music louder.

“Don’t! The order taker won’t be able to hear you” I replied.

“I do it all the time” she snapped.

I reached for the music again. “I said don’t!” I insisted. “You know how rude it is!”

“They can hear me just fine!”

“Mel, you used to work in customer service,” I reminded her. 

She glared at me “don’t you fucking yell at me!”

My eye twitched. The only one who was screaming like a child was my sister. I hate when anyone takes a tone with me.

when we were children, my sister would always beat me up, or get me in trouble enough so I would get punished with a back hand. My knee jerk self defense reaction had always been when dealing with my sister and her tantrums was to always back hand her. I couldnt do that as a grown up, I had to restrain myself. “You talk to me like that again I will knock you out!” I hissed.

Suddenly she was fine, like it never happened. We picked up K at home.

I was waiting in the car, minding my own business watching TikTok and I glance up to find some woman glaring at me as she is walking out of my sister’s apartment building.

Startled by the intensity of the venom in her glare, I raised an eyebrow. Countering her glare with one that could knock the stupid out of her!

“You tell your neighbor the next time she stares at me like that I will knock her out!” I snapped when my sister and neice returned to the car. “She should know better than to stare at a stranger like that. She is dating a security officer.”

“What?! She is the nicest person!” my sister exclaimed.

“She may be nice. But staring at a person the way she did me, could get her ass whooped. I dont care what kind of day you are having? Never stare at another person like that!”

The afternoon went fine until we finished shopping. My sister lost her bank card. Took her frustration out on K. Then was in another one of her road rage tantrums.

“I wish people would stop parking on the side of the road! Dont they know how dangerous it is! it should be against the law!”

“Think about how dangerous it is for a pedesterian” i retorted. “very dangerous”


“i walk, I am a pedestrian.”

“Ok enough!” my sister suddenly shouted. “Just shut up!”

i was enraged now. “Why is it whenever you have conversation, you can talk but no one else can! no can have a opinion!”

My sister turned her head to glare at me. “I wasnt even talking to you! I was talking to myself! so keep your mouth shut!” she shouted.

“You are such a self defensive bitch! No one can have a conversation with you because you always argue, scream or you think someone is yelling at you!” I snarled. “you are ignorant, rude and a self absorbed bitch!”

Then again as if nothing happened my sister tried to suck up. Even had the nerve to ask me to buy her an Iced Capp and ask K why she was cranky!

Perhaps I may came off mean and antagonistic but I was trying to have a conversation. trying to ignore her temper tantrums, her bouts of rage. I just got so tired of being screamed at every time I said something.

Anyway I am going to bed, enjoy your night!

♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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