Is today Friday?

Sure didn’t feel like it! It felt like a Wednesday!

I was in a wonderful mood this morning, until I went in the women’s crew change room.

I didn’t even start my shift and I had my first melt down of the day!

In order to use the necessary I had to clean it. I was in a full screaming rage! My fourth time this week cleaning shit off the necessary because someone was too lazy and too disgusting to do it!

I got on the floor, my mood improved somewhat.

My chemo brain was sure fired up today!

How was I even living?

I almost put cream in the milk cage of the espresso machine.

I then began to bring the coffee filter basket to the presenter instead of a cup of juice.

But then I did something truly brilliant! I truly out dumb myself! I had a bag of espresso beans. A small amount to refill the espresso machine. I thought I put the beans in the machine.

Oh no! I put the beans in the Iced Coffee Carafe!

My jaw dropped in disbelief! My eyes widened in horror! I didn’t! I looked at the empty bag then at the carafe! “Oh my god!” I cried. I glanced at Steve. I began to panic. Drive thru was busy! And I had to do this?!

I felt so stupid! I wanted to cry but I was so bewildered by what I had done! If Steve knew what I had done he would not be happy!

“Can I have another Iced Coffee please!” I called. I began to empty the iced coffee in the sink. Oh there wasn’t a little of beans! There was enough beans to fill the sink!

I was aghast! I scrambled to clean the carafe, the sink and take orders.

Then the presenter started to call for her drinks! I glanced at the screen. Her order was 6 away!

I scowled. “Don’t call your drinks please”

She called again.

I reminded her once more.

She called once more, the McCafe person told her to stop calling. They were being made.

The presenter started to beak me off. I stopped what I was doing.

“I told you to stop calling your fucking drinks! We are busy! You do not call your drinks unless the order is at your window is that understood?!” I shouted.

She blinked. “Becky,” she began.

“Do not talk to us unless you need something!” I marched back to the corner to finish cleaning up. The girls giggled as I mumbled to myself.

I managed to calm down from my anxiety attack and continue on. By the afternoon I was becoming cranky because the customers were taking too long to give me their order.

For people who complained about the menu not being available for a week, they sure had a hard time reading it 😡🤬

Then the woman from hell came in. She always gives the order takers hell whenever they clarify her order. She doesn’t specify so they have to ask, right? It’s their job.

Anyway it was my luck she came to my lane. I wasn’t really paying attention to who the customer was, until she asked for her Big Mac plain.

For a Big Mac we always have to clarify if a customer wants cheese still. I don’t know why. Plain is plain. But I don’t make the rules.

“Would you like cheese” I asked.

“I said a Big Mac” she started to snap at me.

“Ma’am I asked if you still wanted cheese” I asked.


“So a Big Mac only cheese”

I waited for her to continue ordering.

“I don’t see my meals!”

“Ma’am I’m waiting for you to continue ordering. Are you done?”


“Then continue please”

I was not having any customer’s bullshit, today.

A customer ordered a tea. “I’m sorry did you say Splenda?”

“No a Pepsi!”

“Yes ma’am it’s on your screen”

“But where is my tea!”

“Ma’am I am asking you did you say Splenda?”

“For my Pepsi?”

Oh my god!!! “No for your tea!”

“I said Splenda!”

I had to refrain myself from throwing a cup.

“I will have a tea. With honey”

“Is it just black or with cream” we can’t just put honey on the screen, the system will not recognize the drink so we can’t make it.

“Oh my god! How hard is it? Honey!”

“Sir please just say black or I can’t make your tea” I snarled.

The manager loved that one “you did great! That was the customer not you”

Then “I will have a coffee 2 sugar 2 Splenda”

I thought I heard wrong so I clarified it.

The customer snapped at me. I had with people and their fucking attitude!

“Oh my god all I need from you is a yes or no! Nobody orders their coffee like that! That is why I was asking you!” I shouted.

There was silence. “Yes I would like my coffee 2 sugar 2 Splenda!” He was a tad meek.

The POS system went offline twice before I got off shift😂😝✌️

Oh it was a fun day!

5 thoughts on “I OUT DUMB MYSELF TODAY

  1. Why on God’s green earth would someone NOT clean up a toilet? That is beyond nasty. Sheesh, even as a kid I remembered the rhyme ‘If you dribble when you piddle, please be neat and wipe the seat.’

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