I often think I am one of those bad bloggers. One that doesn’t comment enough, reply fast enough, like posts enough. I lose readers every day. I don’t write as often, post the content as I used to. I’m writing about my cat now, oh my word!😒😂😢
After Tim mentioning something happening with his blog, I became paranoid.
What if there was something wrong? I decided to go over my blog!
I had over 265 comments trashed in my trash! 0 spam. What?
I check my comments every day and suddenly 265 in the can!
I checked the trash. There were over comments I hadn’t even read yet! From my readers!
how did this happen?
I am so sorry, everyone!
I wasn’t ignoring you!


  1. WP weirdness. It’s explainable and perplexing. For a while all my comments on every blog were going to spam. There are several blogs I can’t like or comment on unless it’s through the reader. It just doesn’t make sense, and it’s very frustrating. A lot of times people don’t post for awhile and I check to see if I’m still following them. I usually am. In your case you just disappeared (so did several other blogs), but yours was not to be found again until I asked Gary what was up with your blog and he sent me a link.

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