Ah Friday the 13th!

I hope the day went well!

I used to be really superstitious when it came to Friday the 13th.

But not anymore!

My day went well.

I watched 3 episodes of a Korean drama. The Penthouse War in life. Such opulence, betrayal, mystery.

All before I started work 🤪😎🥰

I had no blow ups, no temper tantrum’s. No throwing of the cups.

I even forgot to use my Big Boy voice.

All went well.

Until 3, that’s when I sabotaged myself.

Orders got mixed up. I had to yell at customer to stop trying to order when I asked him to wait. I was dealing with a customer. It was a fiasco.

It was a great day other than that ☺️

And to top it off I found this gem:

TikTok creator: If no one is going to ask this I’m going to place the burden on myself to ask this. We all know vaginal discharge has bleaching properties.

Me: I didn’t know that

TikTok : Does that mean it can be used as a functional teeth whitener?

Me: what?! 🤢🤮 I’m eating noodles here!

4 thoughts on “DID YOUR FRIDAY THE 13th GO WELL?

    1. TikTok is like Instagram and Facebook mixed together. Mostly where wannabe actors, cosplayers, singers and filmmakers put their creative ideas so others can see. A lot of actors are on there as well.
      It’s very fun to watch. I like Chinese TikTok videos better. But some videos are very informative.


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