Another lock down until December 7.

This time masks are mandatory every where.

“Make sure you socialize with your core group. No socializing with anyone outside your four!” This was stressed all morning.

What social group? I rarely leave my home!

5 thoughts on “ANOTHER LOCK DOWN

  1. It’s the latest fashion to see which country, province, state and locality can create the strictest lock down and create the most misery for their subjects. Here in NM our governess is doing a great job of making everyone miserable and forcing more people out of business, and ruining people lives. We have low population, we are spread out over a very large geographic area, and we have low covid numbers. Her super restrictive public health orders make no sense at all.

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    1. I just finished reading the most ridiculous anti-mask/COVID is a conspiracy/ garbage in a local fb group. My town is definitely a bunch of hicks! And it was just released that some kids at our high school have COVID.
      Because they don’t want to be safe, ppl are looking for any excuse not to wear masks. Like it might impair brain function.
      I got so tired of COVID, I stopped reading about it. But I wear a mask

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  2. Yes, it is frustrating with lockdowns being a thing again but if people would wear masks and practice social distancing that would go a long way in helping to get a handle in this. I’ve been feeling the effects of covid fatigue and wish things could get back to normal but I also know it’s not going to happen till everyone is on board with doing their part.

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    1. Yes but you know wearing a mask is taking away their freedom, their dignity, their right to free will.🙄 oh well, they don’t comprehend it’s their fault we are still in lockdown.
      Not wearing a mask, not social distancing, having a 400 person wedding.
      It’s like they want to spend a month in a COVID unit, isolated from everyone.
      They think it’s bad now?
      Be in a ward, where a person is alone, fighting to breathe. The nurses won’t bathe you, no visitors. So even if you manage to get off the respirator, you have to hope you have no scarring on your lungs.

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