Merry Christmas!

I hope all is well. May all of you have many blessings, love and happiness!

I know many people are struggling, or can’t be with their families because of world events. they are in my prayers even if we are strangers.

Myself? I just feel good.

For the first time in years I was able to get into the Christmas spirit!

I sang Christmas Songs with my coworkers yesterday, but couldn’t remember the words 😂

I wrapped gifts to Christmas songs. I never ever do.

We are under lockdown protocols and because my sister’s neighbor reports anyone who doesn’t live in the building (even if it core four)

I invited my sister and niece over for dinner.

My mom was still mourning the death of Freddie and seeing Daisy would upset her. She and my dad wanted a quiet night alone before the chaos of Christmas Day.

I never have people over for dinner! I always go over to my sister’s. We exchanged each other’s gifts.

Christmas Day was really pleasant! We usually would spend the night at my parents. My mom would make a big breakfast. Then spend all day making supper.

This year I pleaded for something different! I didn’t want chicken, ham or Turkey! 🤢🤮

I wanted pasta!

My request blew my parents mind! Pasta?! For Christmas dinner?! Are you crazy!

Mel wanted steak.

Absolutely not!

Dad wanted duck.


I went to my parents early at 2.

My mom was actually calm. Not frazzled from trying to cook a huge meal.

“We’re having duck and spaghetti!” She announced.

My jaw dropped in disbelief. Then I smiled. I was so excited!

We exchanged gifts, played games. Ate. It was such a quiet drama free Christmas that I was home by 6.

Quiet and drama free!

That never happens!


  1. You had a duck and ate your spaghetti, too. Now that’s a good Christmas. We had bean soup with various side dishes, outside, in the cold with fire pits and space heaters to keep us warm.

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    1. Wow that is one way to have Christmas dinner!
      I was surprised that the weather wasn’t-25C here lol
      It wasn’t sunny but it was nice. -9
      I haven’t had bean soup since I was a kid! Yum! Well it was a Mennonite dish so it would be different but still bean soup would be good to eat!😋

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      1. This one is made with Anazazi pinto beans and brazed pork shoulder butt with green chile. It’s really good.


  2. We did ham, here. Mostly because it was in the freezer already. Also made these awesome cheesy garlic rolls that resemble cinnamon ones, except they are made with garlic dough and the insides are shredded cheese. Was a bit nervous, always make things the same and this time it was different and well liked!!! Hooray for new ideas!!!!!


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