My anxiety decided to manifest itself in heart palpitations.

I went into see my doctor yesterday. I really like her. She didn’t like how my blood pressure results ended up being and made me take it 3x.

My first one was so high, I nearly fainted when I saw the numbers! 175/ over something!

We ran through any symptoms, any stressors, any anxiety.

My heart sounded fine, my lungs sounded fine.

Again she tried the blood pressure test, it didn’t work.

We then tried the electric one. This time it was 140/ over something.

My doctor said I would have to monitor my blood pressure to rule out stressors, heart.

if it was higher than normal I would have to cut out my salt caffeine and everything ☹️

Ugh the only diet I want to be on is the see food I eat it diet!

7 thoughts on “COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE

  1. You only need to cut down on salt. You can stay on the caffeine. But if you are stressed out that will make your blood pressure go off the charts. You probably need to get a prescription to beat the people at work. That would do wonders to bring down your blood pressure.

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    1. cutting down on salt it is kind of a ironic situation. When I was younger my blood pressure was so low the doctor was concerned.
      I would consume lots of salt. I am not kidding. i would put 1 pkg of salt for fries. 1 pkg salt on a burger. 1 pkg of salt to dip my burger in it.
      ugh. so gross. now i prefer spicy over salt.
      oh i would love a prescription to beat ppl at work! it would certainly be a stress reliever! 😜

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  2. I have essential hypertension which I manage with medication and diet. Losing weight and walking every day has helped my high blood pressure enormously. Happy to chat about it if you want to know about my experience.

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