I can be really petty.

Especially when I am on the edge

This morning I hadn’t even begun my shift yet and someone wanted to test me.

I didn’t have my coffee! They really had a death wish?

It began with the supply truck driver parking in the middle of the parking lot when I arrived at the restaurant.

There was no way in and no way out if my driver was to drive all the way in. So I directed him to park in front of the restaurant. Blocking the supply truck.

The supply truck driver hadn’t seen me yet, until he looked up from his steering wheel. Our eyes met.

My lips slowly curved into a smirk when he realized he couldn’t drive out.

Oh to say he was pissed? It was an understatement!

I watched from my vehicle as he exploded into a fury of movement, his mouth flapping away. Gesturing me to move.

“You snooze you loose,bro!” I mouthed back. When he realized I wasn’t in a hurry to move? Oh he got madder!

I slowly opened the door. Stuck my foot out. Then put back it in the truck.

“Becky, are you getting out?!” My driver asked.

“I was so comfortable!” I whined. I stuck my foot again and then slowly slid down from the passenger seat. “Oh no I forgot my bag” I was like a sloth. Pivoting to reach for my work bag. “What about my mask?! Oh no!”

“Becky!” My driver burst out laughing.

Meanwhile the supply truck driver was livid. I could see him gesturing frantically as I made my way past his truck slow as a turtle. Stopping to adjust my mask.

When I recounted the event to my coworkers in the crew room a few minutes later, they groaned.

“Why are you so sassy! It’s too early!” GenZ asked.

I start to dread the hour before change over. AKA 10 am. While I enjoy crushing people’s dreams, its tiresome to always repeat “it’s breakfast time!”

One woman pulled up to my speaker “a large fry and a coke. That’s all” she spoke in a fast angry dismissive tone.

I chuckled. I waited until she was about to pull away. “Um no. It’s breakfast time”

She made an angry sound. She was stuck in drive thru. She had to drive through! 😂

One customer wanted his fries fresh. “You make sure they are fresh!”

Um no. They are going to be from yesterday!🤦‍♀️

So I waited until his order was the second to be handed out before telling the manager everything was fresh! The customer had to wait for fresh chicken and fries! Which pissed off the customer! Five minute wait!

I must admit my chemo brain has been improving. I haven’t had many brain fogs. However today I managed to spill a whole pot of coffee on myself without realizing it

Thankfully it was on my pant leg and it wasn’t that hot!

One thought on “SASSY & PETTY

♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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