GenZ: I am asserting my dominance! I’m going to teach you right!

GenZ: I wonder how you taste!

  • oh no no no! Not at work! Is my resting bitch face still working or am I red from the image in my head?

6 thoughts on “NOT AT WORK!

      1. Young men and older women make good partners. Lots of sexual energy on both sides. In the late middle ages women where thought of as intellectually and morally inferior to men. Some men wrote that women became witches because the Devil was the only one who could satisfy their sexual appetites. Christina of Pisan wrote that women were only mentally inferior because they didn’t have the same educational opportunities as men, and that only older men who no longer attracted the attention of women thought of women as morally inferior because no woman was interested in being immoral with the old cogers. Also most of the writings about the immorality of women were by monks who either had limp dicks or were more interested in molesting little boys.

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      2. I think it’s also the maturity level. Some older women aren’t dramatic petty jealous cows. And younger men think older women have a sophistication and experience most younger women don’t

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