Now I may be the asshole but the nerve of some people!

Nothing annoys me more than my neighbours hogging the laundry room.

I was in the process of changing my winter bed clothes for summer. I carried all of my laundry downstairs to find a neighbour had left hers in the wash.

It’s a machine that locks until it is done. Well it had been done for sometime because the laundry room was cooled down, the light on the sensor was off and when I went to check if the machine was empty? Her clothes had been warm and air dried somewhat.

The neighbours always leave their laundry in the wash for hours! They never check on it!

My eye twitched!

Now here is where I am the asshole. I put her clothes in the dryer. And begun to dry them.

I begun my laundry.

Exactly half hour later I switched my laundry and moved hers to the other dryer. (It’s a piece of crap 😬🤪)

I returned a half hour later to find her waiting for me! In was struggling to open the laundry room door when she stepped out of Grace’s unit.

“So you’re the one who is doing her laundry” she crossed her arms as she stood in the doorway of her apartment.

“Yes” I affirmed.

“I appreciate that you put my clothes in the dryer” she began “but then you moved it to the other dryer. That one didn’t work”

I tried not to smirk. “So I moved my things back” she went on.

“Ok” I shrugged.

My nonchalance seemed to anger her. “I don’t know if you’re new here? But you don’t touch people’s things like my underwear”

Ew I didn’t even see your underwear, lady. I thought.

My eyebrow rose. I straightened. “I know you’re new here,” I replied coldly “living across the hall doesn’t give you an excuse to leave your laundry for hours. You can hear it when it’s done! So be less of a doosh canoe and pay attention ok?”

I left her standing her there with her mouth hanging open!


I thought I brought all my laundry up. After all the machines were full of her wash! was I losing my damn mind!

I knew I put my plush throw in the laundry. I must have because I couldn’t find it!

I went back downstairs.

Opened the laundry room door and there was the rest of my laundry! On the dryer!

Nice and warm!

After she had her meltdown, my neighbour went back into the laundry room and put my wash in the dryer!


7 thoughts on “THE NERVE OF SOME PEOPLE!

  1. Used to get so mad at people in the dorms who didn’t keep an eye on their laundry. Am glad she was kind and finished yours! And very glad you didn’t lose it!

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      1. Giggling. I fold anything that needs folded. Although, since I’m in a house with people I know, it isn’t that big of a deal. They, however, are reticent to fold or put away my clothing under or over wear!!!

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      2. The youngest leaves them in laundry baskets. One is for clean and one dirty..or at least I think that is how they are sorted. I tell him they are all wrinkled, he reminds me of the cartoon Zits! and says ‘casual’.

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      3. I look at anything I end up deciding to buy and the clincher is can it be washed in a washer and not ironed. If the answer to either of those is dubious, I don’t buy it!


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