Every thing went well.

I thought I was ok. I was fine walking into the clinic.

Being weighed having my blood pressure measured all I kept hearing was my mother’s words “you’re too fat. You gained too much weight. The doctor will be angry!”

I almost burst into tears when the doctor kept bringing up my cancer symptoms when I was diagnosed.

I dreaded the exam. What if she did find something. I kept expecting to feel pain when the speculum went in.

Nothing hurt. No pain in the pelvic and rectum exam. I was so happy. Especially when the doctor said she found nothing wrong. That any pain from previous exams was from radiation damage.

I have to have CT scan and blood work when I return home.

But what a great day.

I also had to apologize to my mom for being such a bitch.

However nothing hurt! 😆

The doctor said the pain felt from previous follow was probably


  1. I found when I lose weight my doctor gets concerned. After cancer the doctors seem to like to have you carry a bit more weight. I know convince your mother of that!

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    1. Ha! My mom would have a fit! One of her friends is severely overweight, on dialysis, diabetic is in the hospital because of it. My mom thinks I will end up like her friend. So if I tell her the doctor wants me to carry more weight she will keel over!
      She didn’t even believe my chemo nurse when the nurse said it was ok for me to start eating again!!

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