Mel: so did they find out who killed those children?

My parents were watching the news when the residential school mass grave aired. I stared at my sister in incredulous disbelief.

Me: it happened in the 1940s,1950s you know?!

Mel: well I don’t know history. I don’t do history. So who killed the children.

I think my eyebrows were so high up, they were buried in my hair! I was just stunned! Just stunned at her ignorance!

“The. Teachers.” I explained slowly. “The teachers killed the children.”

“Becky, you don’t have to talk to me like I am stupid!” Mel cried angrily.

“Actually she does” k replied.

Oh burn!

11 thoughts on “I DONT DO HISTORY

  1. I just read an article on it. Sad and bad situation. More abuses by the Catholic Church that they won’t admin to or apologize for. Do you know the song “Indian Reservation (The Lament of the Cherokee Reservation Indian)” by Paul Revere and the Raiders? It’s worth a listen given this find.

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      1. One of my former coworkers became an archeologist. She graduated two years ago I don’t know what she is doing now because she has a baby. But she travelled across the world to learn how to dig. Very nice

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