Oh my gulay!

I need alcohol stat!

I wanted iced coffee because it was one of those days again! She didn’t put sugar in it! I’m going to have a melt down!

My eye is twitching! My anxiety is through the roof! I’m about to crack my foot off in these mutha chuckers! cups were flying!

I had to keep correcting procedures! I’m not a trainer! One girl almost wrecked the smoothie and espresso machine because she kept making drinks without ice or espresso beans! I just gave up let drive thru go to hell!

A customer had a meltdown because I kept saying no to him “all I want is chicken muffin! How hard is it to make a fucking chicken muffin! Put the patty on a muffin!”

“I am sorry I can’t do that”

Every time he tried to hand me my ass, I would tell him “no. Sorry. You can order something else or go”

He left. Called the manager to complain how I wouldn’t let him order chicken muffin for lunch. It’s all day breakfast! So why can’t he order it!

The manager explained to him it’s lunch. All day Breakfast had select items only. Goodbye.

A customer hello’d me in the middle of an order “are you serious?” I exclaimed “were you done ordering?”


“Please keep ordering! I’m multitasking! Your order is on the screen!” I cried.

After that I just gave up. I was using my Big Boy voice. Curt and to the point. I was also taking stand up naps because the customer took 8 hours to order 1 item! (Sarcasm)

I need lots of Iced Coffee! 😢

2 thoughts on “STRAIGHT TO HELL

  1. no espresso beans in an espresso maker??? And people who cannot read should not leave home. Select items are not the whole menu! do need some sugar, honey! xo

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