MOOD: bored!

I have to grab some caffeine! An Iced Capp. A cold brew. Anything with caffeine! I am going absolutely bonkers! I am so bored!

I am going to claw off my face!

Last night I spent some time writing. Correction. Experimenting.

My niece suggested I try Google Docs instead of WordPress for my writing.

I got bored.

This morning I read three books. 1 of which was a Did Not Finish. the title and premise sounded great. Black Annis. The Witch blah or something other. The writing voice? Boring as fuck!

Eek! I am boring as fuck! am I bored? Or is it depression? I just don’t feel like doing anything!


(You know you have chemo brain when: Wow it took me forever to figure out the word I wanted to use was “experimenting” I actually had to ask my sister! )

3 thoughts on “MOOD: bored!

  1. Sounds like depression creeping in there. I forget the words I want to use all the time. Google Docs? Ugh. I hate them. I use Text Edit for most of my writing. Nice and simple with none of that stupid it thinks it’s smarter that I am. It may be in most of the crap I never use in word processors, but I know what I want to achieve and it’s rarely what the word processor thinks I want to achieve.

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    1. Text edit I don’t think I have heard of it. I don’t mind word, it gets bothersome when I have to spellcheck and it becomes a problem.
      I never know what I want anymore lol maybe that’s why I can’t achieve or finish anything

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