I should be doing something. Anything. But I don’t want to.

But my cat is nagging me! She sounds like my mom!

“I told you to clean this up! Does this look clean to you! Clean it! Don’t make me come in here again!”

Sigh! Cats are a great motivator when you are feeling down!

I don’t know what I would do without Daisy 🥰🥰

7 thoughts on “I DONT HAVE TO

      1. It is almost relaxing to have one furperson in the house. Granted, there isn’t enough cat for all of the laps, but it makes litter boxes and feeding easier!

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  1. laughed out loud!!! When Mittens wants fed (she has dry kibble, but gets wet treats now and then), she is incredibly bossy!! She’ll even jump up on our laps to remind us it is ‘time’ for her snack, if we have forgotten! Then, being a cat, she’ll ignore us once more!

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