“Drive through please! Drive through! Oh my god! I said drive through!”

It amazes me how drivers won’t learn how to be considerate of other drivers in drive thru lanes!

This customer was irate because he couldn’t have lunch, so rather than drive thru? (Only one customer in line) he tried to back up. Only there were customers behind him!

Oh hell no!

Of course First Lane was too much of an airhead to realize what a hazard that was. She didn’t say anything!

I sure did! I wasn’t nice about it either!

“Funny thing is, Becky?!” Cash person said to me. “The driver was a woman!”

For the love!😡🤬

Don’t step up to me! I am not the one! I am not the one!

2 thoughts on “I AM NOT THE ONE, TODAY!

  1. Good LORD!!!!! Why on earth would someone try to back up in a drive thru???? There is one in a town near here where you can actually drive out of the line and merge into a street, but that is rarer than hen’s teeth in a muggle world.

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