The Second Order taker has to be the worst position to be in!

the menu/customer view screen has been lagging, so the orders don’t show up in sequence. All of sudden customers are paying attention!!!

“That’s not my order.”

Really? What clued you in?!

My patience has been wearing thin. I have been short tempered and rude. Because no matter how many times I explain to regular customers, they still bitch me out.

Today I finally snapped.

“I know it’s not your order!” I shouted, I threw a cup. “That’s why I read back your order! How about you start listening to the order taker? Instead of beaking me off!”

My drive thru team burst out laughing.

I tried to be chill but I was working with the weekend drive thru team. Oh Lord, give me patience. I had to keep praying for forgiveness.

I asked for espresso beans to fill up the espresso machine. They stared at me like I grew devil horns. “Espresso beans” I repeated. My eye began to twitch.

Not one had a clue about what I was asking for! “Espresso!” I shouted. “For the machine! Let’s focus here! How long have y’all been working here and you still don’t know our products!” I stormed over to the presenter, reached down to grab the bag of Espresso from the cart. “This is Espresso.” I snapped. “Do we need to be re-trained on our products?!”

“No” they mumbled.

“Alright then, let’s focus!”

Both lanes had three diesel trucks each. My ears were hurting so bad from the noise so when I asked the customer to turn off his truck?

“I don’t have to. It’s not my truck”

I waited for him to comply. He continued to order. “Please turn off your truck so I may hear you” I repeated tiredly.

“I told it’s not my truck!”

I lost it. I completely lost my cool. “I don’t care! I don’t care! I asked you to turn off the truck! I can’t hear you”

Ryan -DSL turned from the espresso machine he had been working on, to stare at me in shock. My drive Thru team was stunned.

I couldn’t believe I said that out loud. oh dear.

I asked the manager if i could be on window for the rest of the shift.

It was one of those days I needed a fish bowl of Monkey Lunches!

6 thoughts on “ONE OF THOSE DAYS

  1. Question. Where is your town in relation to Alberta? I’m considering submitting a paper to a medieval studies conference that will be held in Banff west of Alberta at the end of April 2022.

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      1. You are way up in the north. I was just curious. I just presented a paper at the International Conference on Construction Grammar on August 20th. The conference was in Belgium. I presented virtually. Travel restrictions are still too great and too much trouble to go in person. Although the plan was to go in person when the paper was accepted in 2019. The conference was postponed for a year.

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      2. Oh wow in Belgium! That would have been a wonderful trip if it hadn’t been COVID!
        Papers, essays are something I cannot do! Just thinking about it brings back nightmares in school lol.
        I tried helping my niece with hers, but again that’s a different degree and not even close to what you do! But I imagine you enjoy it very much

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