Me: so what should I have for my birthday dinner tomorrow, Kai?

Mom: THIS is your birthday dinner!!!

Me: what?!!

Today was an ok day.

I was woken up by Daisy sitting on my head, purring.

First time for everything!

I started work early.

I didn’t mind. It made me realize unless I am constantly reminding them to do something, the weekend team would never get anything accomplished.

On the other hand, the weekend team allows the full time to do nothing. It’s nice not to have to scramble around to finish the graveyard shift’s/opening tasks!

“Becky you are making gravy? Great? Yesterday no one made any until we had an order of poutine!” Steve told me.

My head jerked up so fast, I was incredulous. “Are you kidding me?!”

He laughed. “No”

It’s the one task I hate. Every time I come on shift I always have to double check to make sure prep is ready. Or not too much overstock.

First day of school meant no more Summer drink sale! Crushing people’s dreams!😎😂

I no longer had go into 3 separate menus to get the drinks! Change drink options in the meals! It was wonderful!

I was in a somewhat cheerful mood until:

Customer: I will have a vanilla iced coffee with an extra shot.

Me: ok

Customer: with an extra shot.

Me: yes it says that.

Customer: I said an extra shot! I want 2 pumps!

I stopped making coffee glared at the CVS.

Me: ma’am 1 shot of vanilla equals 2 pumps!

Customer: I. Want. An. Extra. Shot. Of. Vanilla!!! what part of that you not getting?!!

Now I was beyond irritated.

Me: what part of 1 extra shot = 2 pumps of vanilla are YOU not getting?!!! Do you want 4 pumps?!”

Customer: oh. Yes. That’s what I ordered!

Me: for the last time and only time! You will order 1 vanilla iced coffee with 2 extra shots! Have I made myself clear?!

Customer: how many shots of vanilla am I getting?

Me: are you serious?! 8 pumps of sugar! 8!!!

Customer: I don’t..

Me: no. End of order. Have a nice day.

Then trying to explain to the mcCafe person how many shots?!🤦‍♀️😡🤬

Every order was paid out wrong!

I was stuck on cash after lunch.

It was ok. I was happy to be off.


I went to my parents for dinner.

My parents were telling me about their trip to Saskatchewan. I love visiting my family in Saskatoon.

My aunts were confident that I would be happy to move down to the city.

My mom told them otherwise. “No, she would have a hard time with how unclean the city is” my mom proceeded to tell me how dirty the restaurants were.

My dad laughed at my horrified expression. “We told your aunts there would be no way you would be able to handle it!”

I reached for my sanitizer bottle. “Gross!”

I will clean a table to my satisfaction at a restaurant. I am paranoid about cleanliness and smells. it’s embarrassing for others when I am around and I do cleaning. Oh well.


My mom forgot it was my birthday until my niece asked how old I was. She thought I was 42. How sweet.

When asked what I wanted for my birthday dinner and presents. My mind went blank.

I never know so my niece suggested a gift card for the book store.

8 thoughts on “NO MORE SUMMER DRINKS

  1. Gift cards are perfect. Always choose something decadent for a birthday dinner. Happy Birthday! Becky. It’s wonderful you are still with us to go blank about birthday dinner and presents. Been there done that. We are entitled. Post cancer Karens as such.

    Liked by 1 person

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