My birthday was wonderful!

I walked into work and everyone sang Happy Birthday to me. Thankfully no one was in lobby! I got a free breakfast!

Steve stuck me in First booth which I didn’t mind. My day went so fast. I had such a wonderful day!

Steve and Reese’s Pieces donated to my birthday fundraiser for the cancer society.

When I got off work, my sister told me my mom’s cat Fritz died. A car ran him over. A man found him on the way to work. He cleaned the blood off Fritz and put him on the grass. He put a message on FB to see if anyone was missing a cat.

My sister went to ID Fritz. I was so upset. Fritz had been alone! My sister shook her head. “Another cat was with him the entire time. He stayed with Fritz”

I cried harder. The cat was an older cat who adored Fred (my grand fur baby) and befriended Fritz. The cat would meow at the door asking for Fritz.

I hurried home to hug and kiss Daisy. I shut the balcony windows and told her she was never leaving me! She had been out all night (so unlike her)

I went to my parents house for pizza and my mom made me Saskatoon berry pie. She was so heartbroken over Fritz’s death.

Over all my day was great except for Fritz dying.

7 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me 2021

      1. I have two cats and a dog, my fur family is important to me and I love them. One cat sleeps with me through the night and the doggo is in my lap as soon as I sit in a chair or the sofa. A 69lb lap dog mind you 🤣

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