Trigger warning, plus not my view, ideas and such.

I had a horrible nightmare. I pray this never comes true.

Was it about the apocalypse or things to come in a dystopian world? Who knows but it was creepy.

A man emerged claiming to be the Messiah. In truth he was the Anti-Messiah.

The dream began in bright colours. Whites. Blues. Like Dove colours.

This man was well spoken, came from humble background – a farmer which drew his followers in.

He spoke with fiery conviction. with a gentleness but with such a dangerous charm that bespoke of David koresh and other cult leaders.

The Anti-Messiah had been on “missionary” work. Trying to indoctrinate others into the faith. Not even the KKK, the Aryan Brothers, Neo Nazis wanted a part of this man’s fellowship. He was that bad?!

The dream became darker. I could hear the Purge alarms ringing, Zeppelins (Blimps) in the smoky air.

Similar to Ides of March,The Anti-Messiah called his followers to cull non-believers. He had “altar boys” in plain white tunics with an inverted cross carrying incense urns, marching first. Then the women the Virgin Marys (his wives!) and The Mary Magdalenes. (His consorts) Then his true Disciples. The 12 who followed his word without question. Carrying weapons.

They would ask anyone who were stupid enough not to seek safety if they were faithful to the “true messiah” or the “false God” (Jesus Christ) those who answered Jesus were Judas and killed instantly.

It was so blasphemous!

In my dream I was safe in my home with my family but my sister kept walking in front of the window! She would get angry if I dared to tell her to stay away from the windows. (Boarded up but she would peek or take them down)

She couldn’t get it through her head that we had to stay out of sight or risk being killed!

But The Messiah saw her through the window!

I woke up!

♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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