I almost died from fright!

Oh the heart!

I don’t know why I never learn! Never to walk around without my glasses! I am nearly blind!

I woke early to feed Daisy.

Out of nowhere Smoky leaps at me!

He had been sleeping on top of the cupboards like Daisy used to!

I began screaming. Swatting at him, until I realized what was happening!

“Smoky!” I cried, “how could you do this to me!”

I managed to calm down. If I died from a heart attack? Know it was Smoky related!!🤫😆

I gave him a treat and went back to sleep.

I didn’t realize that Smoky had followed me into the bedroom to sleep in the cat tree.

Hours later around 4 I woke up to take my medicine. I hear movement from the cat trees at the bedroom window. “Good morning Daisy” I said as I turned on the light.

There was Smoky climbing down from the tree.

“Really?” I sighed. I gave him a good boy pet.

I wandered into the living room and found Gremlin sleeping on the sofa. I was so happy to see him. The cat is so shy and jumpy, and knowing he trusted me enough to sleep in my home? Without hiding under something? It made my heart swell with emotion.

I realized then all three cats had been sleeping in my home.

Daisy was so sweet and kind to take the neighbourhood cats in. So they could be fed and feel safe.

“Daisy you’re such a good mama cat!” I tried not to cry. Damn hormones!

I pet Gremlin gently. Made sure there was enough guest cat food for him (or Smoky) Daisy and I went back to bed.

What a great way to start my morning 🥰


  1. You are a brave dear girl. Eyes are so hard to see without! You discover yourself focusing on nothing or trying to push up glasses that are not there and it just isn’t right. Running into things and squinting to attempt to see. UGH!!!

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