What a beautiful day!

I love it when it’s crisp and yet sunny out!

A reflection of my heart!

For the first time since I started working at the restaurant, the lobby closed because we were short staffed!

Ahem 25 years ago! Ahem!

That amazes me because even it was when we had to run our own orders and I was on window by myself? I still had to do my orders with lobby full!

No one helping me!

The evil part of me is anticipating the moment when school kids realize they won’t be able to have lunch! They walked all that way! Ok just two blocks!

And they can’t get in the restaurant! 😱😈😈😈😈😂

Oh yes I’m enjoying that mental picture!


  1. School kids eating off campus…NOT something that would have been done 25 yrs ago here in the states. or not in any I was living in! I love love love imagining you with a sunny, crisp heart. Makes me smile!

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    1. Ah the good old days! Students used to eat off campus years ago. But too many businesses complained about fighting and stealing.
      Thank you ☺️ it just began snowing last night! So we have some snow ❄️

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