My day is starting out well🥰🥰

Lobby was still closed when I arrived at work.

I was informed I didn’t have to start early but at my normal time.

No one was on front counter to take orders. Just the managers 😱😂

One Steve took my order the other made my order! I got a free iced coffee because Steve thought he made it wrong.

It makes me reminisce about when I first started. Ah those were the days. Lobby full of customers I’m by myself on window..

It’s amazing how much procedures and positions have changed! I don’t think I would be able to remember how to do my other positions!

I am also amazed by how stupid I was back then! Oh I had no brain cells whatsoever!

I still remember my trainer staring at me in amazed disbelief because I had the absolute audacity to ask:

“So how do you know which fries to put in the small?”

She looked at me looked at the fries. “What are you talking about?”

“There are small medium and large” I said “how do you know what fries to put in the small”

She was so flabbergasted by my stupid question she could only stare at me. “These fries!” She pointed to the fries in the basket.

I stared blankly at her. Then at the fries. I couldn’t comprehend that there wasn’t different size of fries themselves just boxes!!! Oh my gulay! She had to draw me a picture!

Ah fun times!

I am going to enjoy my day! I hope you all have a wonderful day too!


  1. Oh Becky, I laughed and laughed. Reminded me of some of your customers!!!! If I ever show up in your drive through and get fries, I’m so going to say something about the small fries being too big!

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