I had lots of energy today.

Which was a wonderful thing because it was Friday. Two people didn’t show up and we had to close lobby down because we were so short staffed.

I was enjoying my day until I realized at 12 they had re-opened lobby. Suddenly there was only myself and second lane order taker because, the managers took the rest of my team to be helping out up front!

My jaw dropped in disbelief! “Are you serious?! You aren’t even busy! We are the ones who are busy!”

“Becky we have skip orders!”

Yeah but there are kiosks and one person can be on window taking orders 😒🤦‍♀️

I was surprisingly calm. I didn’t have to throw cups. I did have to draw a lot of pictures for the “wunderkind” ALOT of pictures.

Karli was having a hard time with her customers I finally had to jump in on her speaker “sir, it doesn’t matter what drink goes with your order!” I snapped “is there anything else?”

He began to protest but I interrupted “sir, I asked if you had anything else to order? If not pull up to the window!”

Karli was so stunned by my smoothness she thanked me. I smiled “no problem” I replied “if a customer is problematic, be firm and insist on they continue ordering or they can pull up.”

That is when things went downhill for me. I had a customer ask for breakfast wraps. “I don’t have wraps” I replied bluntly.

“The burritos then”

“I don’t have burritos”

The next customer decided to throw attitude when asking about breakfast sandwich’s.

“Oh sure, you can have egg muffin, bacon egg, sausage egg, sausage muffin, pancakes and hash brown” I answered.

“I will have a BLT…” he began.

I repeated his options again.

“Yes I want a bacon egg bagel…” he began.

“No you can have…” I repeated his list of options again.

“I said I wanted a breakfast sandwich! That’s a bagel! Now I want a bacon egg”

“I gave you your options!” I snapped. “You don’t get any other option! Now what sandwich do you want! Egg muffin bacon egg…” I repeated myself again.

“Oh my god! You have all day breakfast!”

“Sir pick a sandwich or have lunch!” I was not playing. I was busy trying to make drinks, clean and help Second Lane.


I was trying my best to be helpful and not slow down drive thru. It really made everything so much better when I didn’t have to make gravy!

Our supply on gravy went out across Canada or maybe the west coast.

A customer tried to tell me I was lying about not having gravy “of course you have gravy! That’s how you make the poutine”

I snorted “I don’t have poutine”

There was silence “are you kidding?”


I was crushing people’s dreams!

♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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