Today was a good day.

I had surprisingly good amount of energy that lasted all of my shift 😅😁

Which was a great thing, thank the Lord!

We were short staffed!

Some didn’t show up. Some were sick. Some were sent home because they were sick. Some were sent home because of family emergencies.

It was bothersome because the staff that were remaining? Weren’t crossed trained in drive thru even though they worked there half century.

I was working with the weekend team 🤬 they refused to follow procedures. “I know I know We are fine” the one girl kept telling me. “This is how we do it on the weekend”

I stared stonily at her. That’s how you get so many complaints, I thought sourly. Because you do a half ass job!

“I asked you, now I am telling you. Stop using both carafes of coffee or we will run out!” I shouted. “use 1 canister at a time!”

Annie turned from presenting table to glare at us “why are you fighting!”

The girl smirked triumphantly “she doesn’t want us to use 2 canister of coffee at once” she explained.

“And Becky is right.”

The smirk faded from the girl’s face “but if we do that then we’ll be slow”

“If you use two canister, half of the coffee will be used and we can’t brew. So listen when we ask you to follow procedures!” Annie snapped. Guess what happened? We ran out of coffee!

DSL-Ryan was not happy he had to fix our espresso machine. I grinned at his scowling expression. “Well buddy I should tell Steve to get you an employee number that way you can work here”

Ryan wanted to kill me. “Ok what is it this time?”

“Oh just the usual, laziness” Annie remarked.

Ryan muttered something underneath his breath. “I did leave a note” I offered.

“Maybe you should tell whoever cleans the machines do it right!” He said.

“I have no problems doing that” I spoke up. “I will tell them damn right!”

Annie and Ryan laughed “she will too” Annie managed.

Ugh everything was a mess! It was so busy!

We couldn’t even do our stock up. It was so bad! The stations were bare! I was ok with that. I didn’t mind sabotaging afternoon and night shift. After all, how many times did I walk on my shift to find my drive thru sabotaged? I walked off my shift without a care in the world!


♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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