It was a stressfree day.

I was crushing people’s dreams one Peppermint Mocha at a time!

It was blissful.

The morning was spent happy and relaxed. Instead of scrambling to make endless espresso based drinks, coffees, teas all in between orders. Running around frazzled and ready to cut people the next time they order mochas!


The espresso machines werent working.

I laughed like a maniac! I was dancing a jig.

First with the gravy shortage! No poutine! Almost 2 months without poutine! I hated making the stupid gravy! Why should drive thru crew be making it when front counter is standing around doing nothing! It made no sense!

I was free! I was free from all the stress

It was wonderful!

I was enjoying myself immensely until I realized some people thought they didn’t have to follow procedure. “Where is your headset?” I asked the Presenter. She ignored me.

Annie looked at me and I looked at her. “Did she just ignore me?” I asked.

Annie giggled. “Everyone ignores you.”

I scowled. “No we are not going to pull this shit again. Proper procedure. Less mistakes!”

Annie scoffed, “Do you follow proper procedure.”

I grinned. “No but I know what I am doing, these girls cant tell their ass from their face!”

Annie burst out laughing “Becky!”

“Put your headset on!” I told the presenter again. she looked at me, then looked away. She was ignoring me! “This will be the last time I am telling you! Put your headset on!”

The presenter sighed and marched off to find a headset.

But not even half hour later, she had taken the headset off. “Why is your headset off.” Annie asked. “You’re supposed to be wearing it!”

Oh well, what can a person do?

First lane was having a hard time telling customers we had no espresso. “You said no. That is all you have to say.” I told her. “Or you say coffee or tea.”

Steve smirked. “We are not like you, Rebecca!”

“What. You gave them an answer. Then you gave them options. Its not rudeness. Short straight to the point. Pick up the pace this is aint San Antonio!”

Steve rolled his eyes.

Then a customer in my lane ordered peppermint mocha. I hate Christmas drinks! “I am sorry our machines arent working. Would you like chocolate syrup in your coffee instead?” I suggested.

“I said a peppermint mocha!” she screeched.

“I said the machines arent working” I replied coldly.

“Oh then what can I get? Can I get coffee?”

My eye twitched. Uh yeah I suggested it.

It was so lovely just to be take orders and not worry about McCafe drinks. I dont know how Starbucks does it. I wouldnt be able to handle it. I would have meltdowns with their coffee drinks!

DSL-Ryan strolled in, looking less than impressed. I laughed when I saw his expression. “What is it this time?” he asked in exasperation. I shrugged. “I dont know. Nothing is working. Do you need an employee number? You know because you are here all the time.”

Ryan burst out laughing. ” no I dont.”

Derp walked up to Ryan, “I think the reason they keep breaking the espresso machines is to see you.” he teased Ryan.

I gasped. “I would never sabotage you like that, Ryan!”

“Maybe its Annie” Derp suggested. I burst out laughing.

Ryan started to move things around. “Why are there so many cups!” he cried. “I need to work here!”

I laughed. “Now you know my pain, Ryan!”

He opened the espresso machine freezer where the milk is kept. He groaned. “Where are they?”

“Where is what?”

“The clamps”

I giggled. “Welcome to my world.” I sang to him. He glared at me. I laughed harder. “Ryan do you know how many times I have to tell everyone to follow procedures?”

I marched up to Annie, “Ryan wants the milk clamps.”

“I think there are some in the office.”

She followed me back into the drive thru and apologised to Ryan for the mess. She reiterated how important it was to follow proper procedure for machines.

Instead of a Christmas Party, my boss held the 12 days of Christmas draw. Every day until Christmas all employees get a chance to win a draw for a prize. This time I won AirPods. I was so excited!

A customer asked for poutine.

“I dont have poutine.”

“How do you not have poutine? You sold out?” she snapped.

“Because there is a gravy shortage across Canada” I muttered.

“So because you dont have gravy or cheese curds you dont have poutine!”

“Uh yeah thats how you make poutine,right?” I replied. “We dont have gravy. there isnt gravy in Canada!”

After she drove off, we began to laugh. “Oh no there is no gravy dont you know that is how you make poutine!” I wheezed. “No cheese curds!”

“We have cheese curds but no gravy! Oh no!”

“Alright we have McCafe?”

My laughter stopped and I turned to face Ryan. “What did you just say to me, Ryan?”

“I fixed the machines.”

“Nooo!” I howled. “Its not 4 yet! How could you crush my dreams like that!”

he shrugged.

“Just take your time ok. Work slowly!” I pleaded. “Until 4”

Ryan started to reach for his tool bag. “Sorry no can do.”

“But come on!” he glanced at the clock. “its only half hour.”

“even thats too long!”

“Good bye”

Now there will be espresso tomorrow. Oh the horror!


♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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