I hadnt touched an Iced Coffee in days.

A full moon.

It could have explained the foul mood I was in when I arrived at work.

I had low energy.

So when I was changing garbage and discovered someone had put an empty bin under the counter instead of replacing the garbage bag? I snapped.

“This is unacceptable! Who is lazier than me?” I exclaimed.

My drive thru team burst out laughing. “Grave yard?”

“This is fucking ridiculous!” I stomped back into my corner and kicked the empty bin into the wall.

“Oh my god, Becky!” May cried. Everyone laughed.

“This just makes it harder for everyone else!” I explained. “I am the only one who is allowed to be this lazy!”

“Becky, Please stop!” Amarjeet wheezed “I told you to stop making me laugh! I am in pain!”

Trying to tell Steve a simple grill was impossible. He stared at me in bemusement. “Alright. Take a deep breath and explain to me what you want.”

I was really having a hard time explaining anything. It was as if my brain and mouth refused to cooperate with each other!

It wasnt until after my break that I felt better. I had more energy.

Well, that was when Karma decided to be a bitch and rear her ugly head!

I had a customer complain “I cant believe you are charging me for chicken sauce when I am not getting ketchup!”

“Ketchup is free. Mayo isnt. Thanks tho!” I snapped.

I had 12 orders of tea! And a customer complain at the speaker. “Oh my god what is taking so long! This is so stupid!”

“Yeah why dont you ask the dumbass that decided ordering 7 extra large teas was a good idea and then my coworker burning herself with said teas!” I muttered.

May was taking an order, and she had asked the customer to repeat himself numerous times. “Sir, she is asking you to please speak up!” I insisted.

“I have! I have my head sticking out the window.”

“She cant hear you, so please speak up!” I repeated firmly.

“Well how about you stop talking and start listening when I am ordering!”

That was it! I completely lost my shit! “How about you lose the attitude and just do as we ask! We asked politely…”

“You know what cancel my order!”

“Ok! No problem!”


“You’re done! Have a nice day!”

Then the genius that told me “how about you tell me before I start ordering, only 1 person is to order!” I was so dumbfounded by the utter stupidity I couldnt speak! We only have been telling people that for years! The person closest to the speaker is to give us the orders. Was this really rocket science?

“I didnt realize we needed IQ tests in drive thru!” I exclaimed.

My drive thru team burst out laughing. “Becky!”

I tried telling a customer to show his coupon to first booth. “to ca ca cas..” I took a deep breath. “I am sorry please show your coupon to ca ca cash cash.. Oh my word! I cant speak!”

My drive thru team turned to stare at me “What was that?”

“I couldnt say cashier!”

We all laughed.

2 thoughts on “WHO IS LAZIER THAN ME?

♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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