I should try to learn how to give myself a manicure. But I’m too clumsy! instead I applied nail hardening polish because my nails are weak as eff!

I had a good laugh a few minutes ago while doing my nails!

Someone had posted on a FB customer complaint page about how a work place was too discriminatory during interviews. Oh boy did the managers get raked over the coals!

They have a no visible tattoo, no piercings, no unnatural hair colour policy. The boss is very strict about it, he deems it very unprofessional.

People were commenting “what is it the ‘90s?” Or “how dare you tell the kid what to wear” and “control and power tripping” then ended by suggesting that the kid go to BK or pita pit to be hired. Because you know they aren’t as strict and don’t care about what to wear. One also suggested to boycott because the place didn’t support the Freedom Convoy. (Yeah because who would want to support bullies who take food and shelter from the homeless?)

What the people failed to realize that in the real world, coloured hair, tattoos and piercings aren’t allowed. All businesses have uniform/dress policy.

“But we got to have blue hair when we worked there!”

Yeah the other owner only cared about where his next whiskey shot was coming from. The burgers were sitting in there own juices for hours and fries were an hour old. 🤮

While I laugh I pray every day that I Am so lucky and so grateful to have my job! People are struggling and it’s hard out there. I pray for everyone who is having a hard time to get through it and somehow have better circumstances! I pray for their happiness.

I’m getting so emotional right now. Gosh I am going to wreck my nails if I’m going to wipe my eyes!

I better stop crying here!🥰😢😂🤦‍♀️

Have a wonderful weekend


  1. When I was in the Army in 1976-1980. No tattoos were allow below the elbow. Todays, most folks have tattoos in the military. I have four. Above the elbow. 2022, tattoos are the norm. The boss need to catch-up. Good evening dear Becky.

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