Customer: I would like a black with sugar.

Me: I’m sorry was it a black coffee or a coffee with 1 sugar.

Customer: a coffee black with sugar.

Me: so a coffee with sugar.

Customer: no a black with sugar!

Me: sir you just ordered 2 coffees! Do you want a coffee with 1 sugar!

This went one for 2 minutes! I explained to him because of the way he ordered? A trainee would punch in his order wrong. Which is why I was clarifying if he would like a coffee only sugar! and then he had the gall to explain that a

“ black coffee means NO cream and ONLY sugar!”

Me: black is black! Nothing in it! No cream no sugar! Nothing!

Customer was so astounded! He left the drive thru called the restaurant to complain. “How dare she argue with me! About how I get my coffee!”

So when Devs explained to him I was right and he would get a new coffee next time but please clarify that he would like ONLY sugar.

That really pissed off the customer so he called again talked to Derp. this time told him a different story about how he didn’t want sugar in his coffee! He wanted black!

Both times the managers talked to me about the complaints but when I told them about he how ordered? They rolled their eyes and walked away!

Order correctly in my lane, bro and we won’t have problems!

My lane is for the advanced IQ. Just kidding! My brain is barely surviving!

The customer tried twice to get me in trouble!


    1. lol nah people just make it complicated by not answering the order taker’s questions. Or by not reading the screen as they order. They can text and talk at the same time it’s the same idea


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