I’m so happy it’s Friday!

It’s April Fool’s Day!

I wonder if today will be full of shenanigans!

Or if the managers will be grumpy because it was also month end!

Either way I am going enjoy watching it all burn! I am going to do nothing.

I am going to be petty bitch.

The last couple of days my coworkers got on my last nerve I had to use the “I worked here longer! So start listening when I ask you to do something” bullshit

and yesterday was the final straw! Having to tell a person that worked there for 15 years how to do their job? Draw a picture, use a power point presentation to explain why? Then have a team leader do the opposite of the procedure. “Oh my god why are you still on this!” The team leader groaned when I tried to ask the coworker if she understood procedure. The whole drive thru team grumbled.

I exploded “because none of you fucking listen when I explain the first time. I fucking hate this place!”

They stared at me stunned. “But Becky, it’s best if we just do it this way. If the customer argues…”

I glared at them. Again! They missed the whole point of the procedure. “Forget it You are not listening.”

I was so frustrated I was trying not to cry.

Tho I doubt my pettiness will last long before I am triggered and have a meltdown because everything is so horribly disorganized and in shambles.

It must be just me. I can’t work in an environment unless it’s clutter free.

I am hoping I will be able to be enjoy myself today.

Happy April Fool!

5 thoughts on “IT’s APRIL FOOLS

  1. Dear one. I have completely forgotten to celebrate today. Makes room for more interesting things next year, right??? Hoping your day grew more positive with less negatives. Atomic bombs are scary and don’t need to exist in your world. Hugs to you!!!

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    1. Hugs Kris! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I was kind of disappointed there was no shenanigans either. I guess April Fools was a lot more fun as a child. Not to say we are boring😜😢🤦‍♀️🤪😉😎 but maybe the inner child is asleep

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      1. Ah, but there is always next year!!!! And the boys are too far apart to move into each other’s beds while they sleep and Little Bear is too aware for me to paint his nails while he’s sleeping and there isn’t a bakery near where I can order empty cream filled donuts for lunches! I have done all of those, though!

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