Ugh no more Iced Coffee!

I feel like Little Mikey from the commercial.

“Give it to Becky she will try anything!”

Someone brewed the Iced Coffee wrong. Then the calibration was off on the coffee machine. So I had to keep taste testing watery warm double brewed Iced Coffee 🤢🤮

I don’t think my body appreciated that mess!🤢🤮

After last week’s altercation with the girls I decided under no certain terms would I try to maintain order in drive thru. Instead, I would let them work in chaos.

I work with logical efficiency but now I was becoming the epitome of strife!

I was enjoying every moment of it.

The girls would stare at me then at the stock that was piling up. When they realized I was making no effort to organize and put stock in its place? They were dumbfounded!

I still hadn’t moved. They began to put stock away.

All was going well until this morning.

I noticed when I walked into drive thru, the Drive thru team were already aggravated.

The Mc Cafe person would just stand there hoping Lane 1 or I would make coffees,Lattes or smoothies.

Lane 1 was grumpy because she could barely stand. Her period had come. She would ask McCafe to reach for anything above her head, but McCafe would walk away. McCafe wouldn’t hand the presenter the drinks instead just leave them in front of her.

“You have two legs two hands!” The presenter shouted at her finally “pass me the drinks!”

“Lane 1 can do it!” She complained.

I swear Lane 1’s head swivelled around on her shoulders like she was Linda Blair in the movie the Exorcist! the look she gave McCafe was murderous!

McCafe would stare at me, expecting me to make the smoothies and lattes. Nope, not happening. she scowled and began to slam cups and rattle the smoothie pitcher in a tantrum.

Later on, the presenter was waiting for a juice. “McCafe! Where is my juice!”

“Are you serious!” She screeched. She turned to glare at me “it’s your job, Becky so how about you do it!”

I had been taking a sip of water. Drive thru girls gasped in shock then became quiet. I lowered my cup and stared at McCafe. “What did you say to me?”

“It’s your job to make drinks!” McCafe shouted.

“Actually it’s your job!” I snapped. “My job is to take orders and if you are lucky I would help you”

“Fuck you, Becky!”

“And now you are done” I told her to leave drive thru.

Ah the joys of being a bitch!

My morning went well after that until I returned from my break.

A customer had been waiting for their order to be taken when I went back on orders. I asked for their order. I waited. A few minutes passed then I asked again. A few more minutes passed then I heard a hello?!

“Yes Ma’am I already asked for your order”

There was mumbling.

“I am sorry?”

Then the customer drove off. She pulled up to the cash window demanding to speak to a manager.

“No” I interjected “she doesn’t need to speak to a manager. I asked for her order 2x and she didn’t order. Either she orders there or she can go”

The drive thru team began to laugh. “She says you were rude!” Dev commented after the customer drove down to the second window to again to try to speak a manager.

“She sat there before I took her order. I then asked her 2x! She didn’t answer. When she finally did decide to order? She couldn’t be bothered to just tell me!”

“Ms. Congeniality strikes again” Steve groaned.

“People need IQ tests just to read the menu let alone order!” I grumbled.

2 thoughts on “CHAOS AND STRIFE

  1. that McCafe person needs to fix her head!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes, sometimes those menus are a bit convoluted. You guys know them, but if you order once a month or less, it can be slightly confusing. Not to order, but to read the menus!!! If I’m asked a question, you are darn right I’ll respond, even if it is to say, Thank you, not ready yet!

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