It was a glorious long weekend!

It was warm and sunny!

It’s never warm and sunny May long weekend.

That alone should have been a warning!

I was almost murdered by Willow. Who knew that humming while doing Energy work on a sick cat could incite murderous rage? Lesson learned.

The upstairs neighbour tried to unlock my door with her keys. Why? Because her cat Quinn was inside my apartment and she wanted to get the cat. I forgot to relock the door behind the neighbour. There were 2 parties that night! I was stupid -lucky! Nobody tried to get in!

I took my parents out for breakfast and went shopping. Then spent the rest of the day cleaning after up cats. I mistook Willow’s sudden interest in the hallway as paranormal activity. I swear my heart stopped when I saw a cat’s head peek into the bedroom! It wasn’t daisy!

“Smoky!” I cried “you gave me a heart attack!”

It wasn’t smoky!

This huge long cat walked into the bedroom. Tabby cat. Bigger than Daisy longer than daisy and Willow. It was Quinn!

Daisy didn’t like her at all.

I finally got some sleep.

But I was not happy getting up early to work stat holidays.

It took forever to walk to work, I was so sleepy.

We were short handed. No McCafe person! I was falling asleep during orders!

Oh it was so embarrassing!

I couldn’t take an order to save my life! It was as if my brain couldn’t process the customer’s request.

Customer: I will. Have. A. Number 4. Double!

I was trying to figure out why she would want a chicken muffin with extra chicken patty 🤢🤮

Customer: with a coke!!

I still wasn’t processing. “A chicken muffin with extra patty?!!”

Customer: I said a #4 double!

Lunch! She wanted lunch! “Yeah no. It’s breakfast”

Another customer pissed me off so much I threw a cup.

Customer: a sausage muffin. Three egg.

Me: I’m sorry you want 1 sausage muffin and 3 egg muffins.

Customer: no 1 sausage muffin and 3 bacon.

Me: oh so 3 bacon egg.

Customer: no! That is not what I am ordering!

Me: it is what you’re ordering! what would you like!

The passenger: he wants 1 sausage muffin and 3 sausage with bacon on them!

I stared at the POS screen in disbelief. “In no way was anyone supposed to know that!” I cried.

The passenger started laughing.

I was just so mortified by how much my brain refused to work today! I am so happy I’m home now. Curled up with my cats!

♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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