A wonderful sunny day.

I had enough energy to get through my shift.

In a surprisingly good mood.

I had to work. Ugh had to dirty these lazy hands. And be nice! Totally against my nature!

I won “Perfect cone!” It had to be exactly 5oz and 4 swirls. Everyone’s mouth dropped in disbelief. “20 years of awesomeness!” I smirked.

“Becky won perfect cone?!” Derp was incredulous. He looked at me. “You won perfect cone?! You?!”

Everyone laughed.

I was reminiscing about my previous positions back in the day. “Ugh I remember when I used to clean the grease troughs” I began.

“Grease troughs?” Annie was puzzled “what are those?”

I pointed out the end pieces on the grill that caught grease when the grill top was being cleaned. Annie laughed “Becky, that’s not called a grease trough. It’s a grease trap.”


“Yes it is!”

Annie and I stared at each other. “Let’s ask my brother”

BVS also claimed it was a grease trap.

“It’s called a grease trough!” I insisted.

Annie smirked “fine, we will ask Derp. He will tell us”

I groaned. “No dont. He will explain what it is, how it works, the origins, he will retrain us!”

Annie ignored me and asked Derp.

Derp frowned. “Those are called grease troughs, the grease trap is downstairs.”

Annie stared at me, she was speechless “Becky, you were right!”

“Bro, I’ve only been working here for a millennia!” I shook my head. “Don’t you think I would know the difference between the grease trough and the grease trap?”

“No!” Everyone answered.

Sometime later Annie and I were singing various songs when she broke into “I wanna dance” Whitney Houston.

My eyes grew wide. Oh I love this song! Now I’m not great singer, im pretty sure I could shatter glass because I am so off key. It didn’t matter! I began to belt out the lyrics, while I danced.

“Becky! There are customers!” Annie stopped singing so mortified that I was now singing and dancing.

I shrugged and continued dancing.

“I think Cyndi Lauper sings this song” Annie remarked to another coworker.

“No, Cyndi lauper sings Girls Just Wanna have Fun” I interjected “Whitney Houston sing this.”

“Are you sure?”

Of course.

3 thoughts on “SING WHILE YOU WORK

  1. People need to realise you are more than they think you are!!!!!! And shattering glass was music from the 80’s. GREAT music, but quite often it might shatter glass. It is also great music to clean to. Am glad you had a splendid day!!! Had no idea cones needed to have so many swirls, just figured those were for fun and to help fold over the ice cream!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love 80s music! It’s funny that I can remember the lyrics to 80/90s music more than I do to current music lol .
      It took forever for me to learn how to make a cone! They didn’t train me until 2 years after I started! Lol

      Liked by 1 person

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