My headache grew into a migraine by the end of my shift.

I had to do work. Ack. Me? do work? The audacity!

Head office sent their new field inspector around. We haven’t had a new inspector in years. Did I do anything by procedure? I was frustrated because the McCafé person was standing there. We had to keep telling her to make coffee. Or we would have to ask her to go get ice because the smoothie machine was out. “No I don’t want to” she left her position.

I was surprisingly nice despite being cranky and in pain. Having to tell the next McCafé person to stop using the smoothie rinse /drain because it was malfunctioning was annoying. He too just stood there. He would walk away and leave the dirty pitchers for me to rinse. Then I would I fall behind on my orders.

I finally got fed up. My niceness was gone. No more complacence. My inner Steve came out. I did the work myself and when the McCafé person was replaced -he moved to first lane and I move to front counter. I told Mae not to bother doing stock up. Just to stand there. He turned to look at me. “Y’all pissed me off” I barked.

I glanced at the fry person “you have too much fries in the bin. They are about to expire. Get rid of them. And wipe out that salt”

She blinked. “This isn’t my first rodeo”

“Yet here I am pointing it out”

The fry person grumbled and turned back to the fry station.

The runner chuckled.

I marched over to the coffee. “Where are your timers? How am I supposed to know which coffee is expired?”

“We don’t have a marker”

“You don’t have a marker?” I echoed “get one. Ask for one. Be proactive.”

I spent the rest of my shift hand holding the team leader’s hand. Training him how to do front counter. “How were you promoted when you still don’t know how to make coffee?” I asked incredulously.

“But there are no stickers printed out for the coffee so that means black coffee”

“They are right here!” I pointed to the printer. “The coffees were changed to the senior price.”

“So why didn’t you punch in the cream and sugar.”

I stared at him, my head pounding. “Because the stickers are right there! If I punched it in again you would make 4 coffees without asking me if I needed them or not!”

“I don’t understand”

“Never mind” I cried “two coffees! just give them to the customer”

Then no one could comprehend I made 2 pots of coffee. “We ran out of coffee. So you better make more” the runner said to me.

I slowly turned from the till. “We had three coffee orders. We didn’t run out of coffee.”

“Yes we did”

I marched over to coffee station. Picked up the two full pots of coffee. “Look before you say anything and what is with your hands? Are they broken? If you run out of coffee make it”

“That’s your job”

I snorted “no. I’m to help you.My job is to take orders.”

I glanced at Annie “I don’t like to dirty these lazy hands!”

We burst out laughing. “You’re so lazy you don’t even know” we sang.


♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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