I’m falling asleep in the bath as I write this.

I’m exhausted!

My cats have been mischievous lately. Which was wonderful Medicine after a rough day!

My mom visited last night. She wanted to see the cats, not me. (I had been over to the house for dinner)

After much spoiling the babies, my mom left. Or so I thought. All of sudden she popped up outside the balcony door calling for Willow.

Willow ran outside, excited to get some pets from grandma. She turned around and presented her ass to my mom!

My mom, meanwhile had reached out to pet her. When she realized her hand was about to be up in Willow’s ass, she let out a screech. “Willow, no!”

I laughed hysterically.

“Becky! That’s gross! Her ass is so dirty! Clean her ass! Willow stop it!”

Willow was so proud of herself!

I have been training Willow to bathe herself before climbing into bed. She does alright. She sneezed all over me. Then nestled closed, under my chin. I was so happy! Daisy will not cuddle up like that!


I thought my day would be so much better than yesterday. After all I had a wonderful sleep. I was sleeping with my babies.

The morning began well.

Until the entitled Kevins’ drove up in their big ass diesel trucks!

After greeting one customer I asked him to turn off his truck because I couldn’t hear him. He ignored me and continued ordering.

“Please turn off your truck”

“I’m not turning off my fucking truck!” He exploded.

I was not going to be putting up with anyone’s bullshit! Especially some country heehaw bumpkin who couldn’t even order a damn coffee. “I asked you to turn off your truck. It’s a diesel right?! It’s loud, right?! I can’t hear you over the damn diesel!” I shouted.

“Right” he was a bit more subdued. But he didn’t turn off the truck.

“So what do you want”

“I want an Americano!”

“Alright, thank you! You can go now!”


Another customer mumbled through their order over their diesel. However they turned off the truck when I asked.

Still mumbled.

“I’m sorry did you say a banana muffin”

There was a tsking sound “are you fucking deaf?!” The customer shouted.

Well that triggered me. “Yes, I actually am! Thank you for pointing out my handicap!” I shot back. “That is why I kept asking you to repeat yourself!”

There was a moment of silence. The passenger was so horrified “oh my god!”

The driver didn’t apologize but spoke clearer.

Phew! After I was finished that order, I was wondering how could customers not be embarrassed and mortified by their actions Flashback in time, when a customer told me he was deaf and I was rude for not making eye contact and speaking clearly so he could read my lips!

I was absolutely mortified! I must say I am forever grateful to that man! His critique helped me so much! I try to make eye contact and read my customers lips as well.

I am surprised I even finished this post! I kept falling asleep in the bath!

Good night 😽


♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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