“Don’t raise your eyebrows at me, Steve Harvey! You know exactly what I am talking about!”

“People only think you killed Brenda because..”

“We were voted “most revenge-y” in the school year book. Trust me the year book people have no idea what’s coming..”

“No it’s because you’re weird!”

I’m trying to eat my lunch and watch the first season of HBO’s VELMA.

The Origin story of Velma Dinkley. The founder of Mystery Inc. aka Scooby Doo! Velma’s dad is hilarious!

I’ve been wanting to watch this show for awhile but my obsession with Korean dramas has occupied my time!

Velma is quirky funny ruthless in her comedic quips and damn if she and Daphne aren’t enemies! Say what?!

Of course Fred is oblivious to everything but himself! 🤣

They even changed Daphne’s origin story. Fascinating.

Now if only I can finish my lunch without my cats interrupting! One would swear they are like babies! Human babies!

2 thoughts on “VELMA!

  1. velma was rod s wife
    i drove for him at the newspaper
    no such job exsists
    nor does the paper
    he said do not marry
    a woman who is always
    somehow i think
    you would not have cared for rod!

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