Today was one of those days when I wondered why I even bothered to get out of bed!

The morning began with Daisy waking me up 2 minutes before my alarm went off. She put her two paws on the bed and meowed. “Hello?”

Apparently, Willow shat herself or rather the living room and then peed. I spent the morning cleaning it up. Comforting her. I readied myself for work and then almost walked out the door with no shoes on!

My shift began horribly slow, I wanted to jump out the window because every order was fucked!

One of my coworkers asked “Becky, do you remember New Kids on The Block?”

I rolled my eyes, what kind of question was that?! I grew up in the eighties! My friends and I would watch their concerts on tv, listen to their cassette and watch the cartoons!

“Do you remember Donnie?” she asked “he was my favourite”

Bro, he hasn’t gone out of the business! He is acting! He is on your parents favourite tv show, I thought. My teammates were glaring daggers at me. Motioning at me to stop engaging in conversation with her. She really is sweet and kind but lawd of mercy she can ruin any fandom one is in!

The sadistic side of me was piqued. “Yes” I replied drily “ Jon was my favourite! I had all their posters, cassettes!”


My teammates were now yanking off their headsets marching over to me and hissing at me to stop.

My lips quirked up into a grin. Without warning I began to belt out Hanging Tough.

“Oh my god, Becky!” The presenter exclaimed “I hate you!”

“Who the hell is singing!”

“Fuck you Becky!”

I switched to “The Right Stuff” well one would swear the girl had an orgasm in cash booth.

“Do you know Step by Step?” She asked excitedly.

The team groaned as I sang the song then broke into “please don’t go”

That song is sang by a falsetto!

Am I a falsetto?

No I can’t carry a tune!

It was like nails on chalkboard!

Many ears bled today!

One thought on “MANY EARS BLED TODAY

♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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