I am grateful I did most my housework last night.

I had planned doing all my laundry. My dad had the foresight to suggest he take it and do it at their house. Which was very nice of them.

Back at my apartment I went to the laundry room to wash my uniform. I hesitated. The outer laundry door was open. It’s never open. One needs a key to unlock it before opening the next laundry door.The electrical room door was flung open and kept open by a bag of rock salt.

I entered the laundry room. It appeared as if a tornado hit it. Washing machines haulled out of place.The coin inserts torn out. Even though there are signs clearly stating tokens only, and laundry has been free since Covid. Dryers full of food and clothes. Garbage everywhere.

I was angry. It was clear someone had been squatting there for days and not one tenant on the first floor reported the damage done!

I marched upstairs and reported the damage to the building management. According to the management, there had been another flood. It would take a week for the machines to be fixed.

I managed to clean my house before dinner but I was not feeling well.

Today I was feeling better. Until lunch.

I was on my break. I got up and then my tummy rumbled in warning. My eyes widened in horrific disbelief. I never ran that fast before.

I barely got my pants off when the explosive diarrhea hit. It was my worst nightmare!

I had to use water, sanitizer soap, papertowel. I’m surprised I still have an asshole! I had to clean my trousers with sanitizer and water. Lysol wipes I had in my purse.

I was terrified I smelled.

I managed to find some generic brand anti diarrhea medicine in my bag. Yea for the medicine bag in my every day handbag!!!

One wasn’t enough.

Bro, my ass was clenching hard! Damn, rumble bum!

By the time my shift was over, I was so lethargic it took all I had to clock out!

I went to my parents to have a shower and finish the wash. I had a bite to eat then came home.

I fed my cats, took two gravol and I am about to pass out!

Daisy clawed her way under the tucked in sheets to snuggle with me.

I must be sick!!🤪💕

7 thoughts on “JUST ONE MORE DAY

    1. Thank you.
      I don’t know.
      My body gets flare up from the side effects of radiation treatment. I was lucky none of the radiation was close to my bowels because of where and how big the tumour was. The tumour was removed but not taking chances.
      So now I deal with diarrhea.
      I wonder if it was the magnesium’s fault? Lol

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