I am so happy it’s the weekend!

It’s been a long day!

I spent the early morning cleaning after willow. Coming home cleaning after willow.

I made myself dinner.

This is what happens!

I was making instant pancit. I was also making juice. I squeezed the juice into the noodles instead of the water!

Surprisingly tasted good! Hmm, pomegranate!

12 thoughts on “HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO ME!

      1. That’s how new recipes are born. Since you TikTok, have you seen the British guy who bakes vintage recipes from old 20th Century cook books? My daughter had him on the last time she was here. He was a hoot.

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      2. I don’t know if it is the same guy but I have seen one guy make food from the depression era. His reactions while making the recipe were hilarious. I love watching cooking shows. Not baking shows. I don’t know why. Ooh the cringe tik tok cook shows of white people cooking are hilarious. No spice. Peanut butter jam chicken. Ramen stuffed fried meatball that is not cooked.

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      3. That sounds like the guy. I’ve never really watched cooking show on YouTube. Years ago,, that guy with the white spiky hair did a dives and diners show on one of the restaurants our staff frequented when we were downtown. I think all of our evaluators were in the diner the day that dude took his dive into it.

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      4. Oh yeah I have watched a couple of his videos. I used to watch him on YouTube. “Hey Sleepy!” 🤣
        When he cooks for his wife! He is pretty funny!

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