I am not a fan of zombies and the thought of a zombie apocalypse terrifies me. Despite this, I have considered the possibility of a zombie outbreak and how I might go about surviving it.

However, my thoughts on this topic recently led me to have a nightmare about zombies, triggered by shows like The Walking Dead and Attack on Titan. The idea of zombified Titans is particularly unsettling.

In my nightmare, it was the beginning of the third world war and I was having dinner with friends in a restaurant while watching the news of the war. The atmosphere was tense, and the fear of an impending zombie outbreak was palpable.

I was sitting down for dinner with my friends from Quantico: Iris Chang, Will Olsen and some others. I noticed that Will was acting stranger than usual.

The tension was high as we discussed the ongoing war crisis, and my anxiety was creeping up on me. However, as the conversation progressed, something felt off.

I started having dark thoughts about the collapse of governments, but then I realized that the voice in my head wasn’t mine. It was Will’s. He was trying to manipulate and brainwash me into doing something horrific.

I turned to him slowly, feeling a sense of heartbreak at his betrayal. “If you want to kill someone so badly, do it yourself,” I snarled.

Will stared at me in shock. “You should be under my control! How are you aware of any of this?” he exclaimed.

Iris looked at me with concern, then turned to her best friend. “Will, what have you done?” she asked.

In an instant, Will stood up from his seat and declared that he was working for a secret black ops group that was destined to take over the world. He was taken into custody off to a black site.

The atmosphere at the table was tense and heavy as we all processed what had just happened. The night had taken a dark turn, and I couldn’t help but feel a sense of unease about what was to come.

I woke up thinking 💭 wow that’s a whole lot of crazy! Not only are epileptics easily susceptible to suggestion, there would be no way I would have been able to get out of that mess!

Attack on Titan

5 thoughts on “ZOMBIFIED TITANS

  1. The old Coast to Coast AM radio shows with Art Bell had the best info on Zombies and the Zombie Apocalypse. Best way to deal with zombies is to shoot them in the head. A bit of a problem for you I would think.

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