Ugh no more Iced Coffee!

I feel like Little Mikey from the commercial.

“Give it to Becky she will try anything!”

Someone brewed the Iced Coffee wrong. Then the calibration was off on the coffee machine. So I had to keep taste testing watery warm double brewed Iced Coffee 🤢🤮

I don’t think my body appreciated that mess!🤢🤮

After last week’s altercation with the girls I decided under no certain terms would I try to maintain order in drive thru. Instead, I would let them work in chaos.

I work with logical efficiency but now I was becoming the epitome of strife!

I was enjoying every moment of it.

The girls would stare at me then at the stock that was piling up. When they realized I was making no effort to organize and put stock in its place? They were dumbfounded!

I still hadn’t moved. They began to put stock away.

All was going well until this morning.

I noticed when I walked into drive thru, the Drive thru team were already aggravated.

The Mc Cafe person would just stand there hoping Lane 1 or I would make coffees,Lattes or smoothies.

Lane 1 was grumpy because she could barely stand. Her period had come. She would ask McCafe to reach for anything above her head, but McCafe would walk away. McCafe wouldn’t hand the presenter the drinks instead just leave them in front of her.

“You have two legs two hands!” The presenter shouted at her finally “pass me the drinks!”

“Lane 1 can do it!” She complained.

I swear Lane 1’s head swivelled around on her shoulders like she was Linda Blair in the movie the Exorcist! the look she gave McCafe was murderous!

McCafe would stare at me, expecting me to make the smoothies and lattes. Nope, not happening. she scowled and began to slam cups and rattle the smoothie pitcher in a tantrum.

Later on, the presenter was waiting for a juice. “McCafe! Where is my juice!”

“Are you serious!” She screeched. She turned to glare at me “it’s your job, Becky so how about you do it!”

I had been taking a sip of water. Drive thru girls gasped in shock then became quiet. I lowered my cup and stared at McCafe. “What did you say to me?”

“It’s your job to make drinks!” McCafe shouted.

“Actually it’s your job!” I snapped. “My job is to take orders and if you are lucky I would help you”

“Fuck you, Becky!”

“And now you are done” I told her to leave drive thru.

Ah the joys of being a bitch!

My morning went well after that until I returned from my break.

A customer had been waiting for their order to be taken when I went back on orders. I asked for their order. I waited. A few minutes passed then I asked again. A few more minutes passed then I heard a hello?!

“Yes Ma’am I already asked for your order”

There was mumbling.

“I am sorry?”

Then the customer drove off. She pulled up to the cash window demanding to speak to a manager.

“No” I interjected “she doesn’t need to speak to a manager. I asked for her order 2x and she didn’t order. Either she orders there or she can go”

The drive thru team began to laugh. “She says you were rude!” Dev commented after the customer drove down to the second window to again to try to speak a manager.

“She sat there before I took her order. I then asked her 2x! She didn’t answer. When she finally did decide to order? She couldn’t be bothered to just tell me!”

“Ms. Congeniality strikes again” Steve groaned.

“People need IQ tests just to read the menu let alone order!” I grumbled.


Customer: I would like a black with sugar.

Me: I’m sorry was it a black coffee or a coffee with 1 sugar.

Customer: a coffee black with sugar.

Me: so a coffee with sugar.

Customer: no a black with sugar!

Me: sir you just ordered 2 coffees! Do you want a coffee with 1 sugar!

This went one for 2 minutes! I explained to him because of the way he ordered? A trainee would punch in his order wrong. Which is why I was clarifying if he would like a coffee only sugar! and then he had the gall to explain that a

“ black coffee means NO cream and ONLY sugar!”

Me: black is black! Nothing in it! No cream no sugar! Nothing!

Customer was so astounded! He left the drive thru called the restaurant to complain. “How dare she argue with me! About how I get my coffee!”

So when Devs explained to him I was right and he would get a new coffee next time but please clarify that he would like ONLY sugar.

That really pissed off the customer so he called again talked to Derp. this time told him a different story about how he didn’t want sugar in his coffee! He wanted black!

Both times the managers talked to me about the complaints but when I told them about he how ordered? They rolled their eyes and walked away!

Order correctly in my lane, bro and we won’t have problems!

My lane is for the advanced IQ. Just kidding! My brain is barely surviving!

The customer tried twice to get me in trouble!


How I feel every time I walk to work and not one person knows how to punch in my order! I have to draw a picture, use a whiteboard, use a power point presentation just to order a sandwich! They still get it wrong! I gave up and order something I don’t like! (By the way I am the target guy😂)


My day was the Mondayest of all Thursdays!

I had a horrible day.

I just felt broken. I wanted to walk off I was so defeated. So disgusted with customers!

I was only half hour into my shift!

I had greeted the customer.

“I want 2 sausage eggs and a bacon egg”

I had just changed the battery in my battery pack so I couldnt hear her properly. “I am sorry did you ask for 2 sausage egg and a bacon egg?” I asked. My tone was non confrontational. Polite.

This woman took a strip off me! I was so astounded by her aggressive rudeness!

“No I didnt ask for anything like that! How about you stop interrupting me so I can get my order out!”

My hackles rose so I tried again. Politely. “I am sorry I didnt hear you. So that is why I asked. What is it that you ordered.”

“Stop talking over me! Stop interrupting me!”

What the hell was she even talking about?

“I am sorry?”

“You are being rude! Stop talking!” I was so bewildered.

“Ma’am I am trying to take your order. I am not being rude.”

“I said stop talking! You are the rudest…Just stop talking!”

Something inside me snapped. “Thats it. You are done!” I shouted. “You are done!”

“No I am not. I didnt finished my order” she shot back.

“You are done. Finished. I am cancelling your order!” I could feel my anxiety rising. I am glancing over at Steve. Praying he didnt hear me. Praying no manager would hear me. I didnt want a disciplinary action

“Do you know how long I waited in line? I waited 20 minutes! I am not leaving. I will wait right here until you take my order!” she shouted at me.

“Go ahead!” I sneered. I voided her order. “You will be waiting all day.”

She continued to yell at me. I could feel my anger and frustration turning into tears. I whipped off my headset. “Steve” I tried not to let him hear the shakiness in my voice. “Or Greg. Could you take her order?”

“Becky what is wrong?” Steve asked.

“She is being so rude!” I burst into tears. Greg took the headset. He marched into the booth and I followed him.

Right away she began telling him how rude I had been. Greg glanced at me. “I will deal with it later, Ma’am tell me your order!”

He finished the order and looked at me. “She told me you were rude.”

“She kept telling me to shut up” I answered. “I asked her one question and she kept telling me I was being rude.”

Greg scowled. “Yeah well I will talk to her.”

It took me a while to recover. I was so tired of being polite. Of saying “thank you” and “please”

I had no patience after. “Ma’am I am trying to mult-task, finish ordering and stop helloing me!” I shouted when this lady kept helloing me after item she ordered.

customer: can you read back my order?

me: no its on the screen.

Customer: I want a crispy Caesar wrap.

Me: sure.

Customer: the chicken. I want the chicken crispy.

me: I am sorry?

customer: is it crispy.

me: yes a crispy chicken caesar.

customer: it says Caesar crispy. I don’t want my lettuce crispy!

This man was in his thirties! I would understand if he was a teenager! I had to take off my headset! “Do I need to hand out IQ tests too!” I shouted.

The girls giggled.

Customer: I want a medium fries.

me: oh sure.

Customer: make it a meal.

me: make what a meal?

Customer: the fries.

me: excuse me?

customer: the fries! Make it a meal. Junior chicken!

me: for the love! Next time it would be helpful if you tell me you want a junior chicken meal!

Today I broke my caffeine fast because I was under so much stress.

After work I brought an Iced Coffee. Certainly not the buzz alcohol would have gave me but I needed it!

When I arrived at my parents, I prayed my mother wouldnt give me a hard time about drinking the Iced Coffee. “Mom I need alcohol.” I joked. “but I have to settle for this” I held up my drink.

She opened the fridge door. I stared at her. She gestured to the wine bottles inside. “There you go. You said you needed alcohol.”

I burst out laughing. I was so startled by her sudden sense of humour. “mom!”

“You want the whole bottle?” she asked.


She walked by me into the living room. “Becky, what is that smell?”

I froze. What?


“Becky, you smell!”

I stared at my mom in horror. “No! Are you kidding me?!”

Well under different circumstances I would have had a meltdown. I absolutely hate body odor. I’m fastidious about my hygiene. The day I was having, I was surprised by anything anymore. I felt so drained and even more defeated.

“How? I am sorry.” I sighed.

“and you complain about your co-workers smelling.” my mom shook her head, amused.

“Do I really smell?” I wanted to cry. I wasnt upset that my mom told me. I was upset not only was I a beast to work with today? I smelled like one. I was such a burden on my coworkers!

My mom gave me some clothes to wear so I could shower and then I could put my uniform in the wash.

It was a rough day. I am ashamed that I let it get the better of me. Again. I am ready to sleep it all away.


I should try to learn how to give myself a manicure. But I’m too clumsy! instead I applied nail hardening polish because my nails are weak as eff!

I had a good laugh a few minutes ago while doing my nails!

Someone had posted on a FB customer complaint page about how a work place was too discriminatory during interviews. Oh boy did the managers get raked over the coals!

They have a no visible tattoo, no piercings, no unnatural hair colour policy. The boss is very strict about it, he deems it very unprofessional.

People were commenting “what is it the ‘90s?” Or “how dare you tell the kid what to wear” and “control and power tripping” then ended by suggesting that the kid go to BK or pita pit to be hired. Because you know they aren’t as strict and don’t care about what to wear. One also suggested to boycott because the place didn’t support the Freedom Convoy. (Yeah because who would want to support bullies who take food and shelter from the homeless?)

What the people failed to realize that in the real world, coloured hair, tattoos and piercings aren’t allowed. All businesses have uniform/dress policy.

“But we got to have blue hair when we worked there!”

Yeah the other owner only cared about where his next whiskey shot was coming from. The burgers were sitting in there own juices for hours and fries were an hour old. 🤮

While I laugh I pray every day that I Am so lucky and so grateful to have my job! People are struggling and it’s hard out there. I pray for everyone who is having a hard time to get through it and somehow have better circumstances! I pray for their happiness.

I’m getting so emotional right now. Gosh I am going to wreck my nails if I’m going to wipe my eyes!

I better stop crying here!🥰😢😂🤦‍♀️

Have a wonderful weekend


After the rough day I went through, I indulged in sushi and tempura prawns and I am now trying to relax in a bubble bath.

I was in a wonderful mood this morning until I walked into second booth. What a disaster! Stock everywhere, nothing could be found.

I was gone for 1 day, and i couldn’t believe how much the drive thru team needed coddling to get things done.

Not one manager would say to them to make sure the booth was free of clutter so we could move freely smoothly and find things! to expedite orders faster!

It was aggravating.

“Every morning I tell y’all to stop doing this!” I tried to tidying up but my efforts were blocked by Steve.

“It’s not even in your way!”

“You know what?!” I exploded “I have had it! I have had it with this fucking gong show! Don’t ask me for anything! You’re all your own! You want to work harder not smarter that’s on you!”

Sure enough the McCafe person asked me where a container was five minutes later. “How the fuck would I know! I just got here! Ask somebody who cares!” I snapped.

I was in such a foul mood I wouldn’t talk to anyone. If someone asked where something was or what order they needed I ignored them. They could do better right?

They didn’t have to work smarter. boy what a circus!

Then a regular customer who once tried to hand me my ass? pulled up to the speaker.

I couldn’t hear what the order was being said. I finally glanced at the cvs screen. “You are ordering from the backseat!” I exclaimed incredulously. “I can’t hear you! The driver is supposed to give me the order!”

“He doesn’t know the order!” She replied.

I took off my headset, paced back and forth muttering under my breath. I put my headset back on “you tell the driver! The driver tells me!” I hissed between clenched teeth.

“Did you get the order code?” The driver asked.

“No!” I exploded “how could I when she ordered from the backseat!”

After that yahoo was gone, the next customer complimented “you have the patience of a saint!”

I was so taken aback that I chuckled “not today I don’t!”

“Well you did! I appreciate it! My order will be simple” after he finished he wished me a better day.

Then a customer called into complain how she didn’t like my tone. “I don’t really care” I replied to derp. “I was polite clarifying her order. I don’t care if she was too sensitive to read the screen or listen to me when I confirmed that I had her order!”

Derp chuckled “ok Becky just watch the tone”

I don’t care if I was being the asshole today.

I don’t even have my lady bits anymore so I can’t blame my period! Maybe it’s sympathy pms! Lol like sympathy labor pains!

Anyway I’m going to relax! Have a wonderful weekend!


It was another glorious day!

I woke up full of energy although I think my brain was still low on fumes no matter how much caffeine I drank!

Someone sabotaged my Iced Coffee. “Who made it runny?” I exclaimed. I blinked. Runny? Did I really say that?! I should have said Watery!

I couldn’t comprehend basic things!

Was this the real life?!

I was even nice! 😮🤮

Who was I? was I one of my Doppelgängers

Customers were getting upset with me because I wouldn’t take their The Rewards Points. “Please give them to the cash person”

“So you don’t want my number?!”

No, Marlene I don’t! my brain can’t comprehend anything and no one knows how to give out numbers! it’s not 1-8-7-6. It’s 1876! Like the year!

“I will have ghost pepper sauce on my chicken muffin”

“No there is only habanero” I replied.

“The ghost pepper sauce that’s on the mcChicken!”


Another customer ordered.

“I will have a Szechuan jr chicken”

“No” I replied “you may have the habanero”

“What?! I said a Szechuan. Like the Szechuan mcChicken!”

“If you want Szechuan you can have the mcChicken!” I sighed.

“I want to talk to your manager!”

“Why? He told me to tell you no”


I discovered who sabotaged my iced coffee! Front counter McCafé person carried over a bucket of iced coffee to fill up the carafe.

May looks inside and sighed. “She put only ice in. Two scoops”

I didn’t comprehend what May said, then it clicked. That’s why my iced coffee was so gross!

“No, tell her to dump it out!” My reaction was so slow, front counter was already beginning to fill up the bucket with pots of coffee.

“Becky calm down.” Steve ordered.

“No she put too much ice in the bucket. Don’t make the iced coffee!” I tried to get past Derp, three people. All the while the song Hero by Nickelback was on my mind

And they say that a hero can save us
I’m not gonna stand here and wait

“For gods sakes it’s just iced coffee she knows how to make it!” Steve shouted “get back in your corner and stop being such a tattletale!”

It was as if a switch was flipped. I turned and glared at Steve. “It’s called correcting procedure” I shot back. “She doesn’t know how to make it because my iced coffee was watery as fuck!”

We stared at each other for moment “really, Becky? I know where you live!” He finally said.

“Really Steve? Don’t make me come over there and wreck your day!”

“Don’t make me come over to your house and honk the horn at midnight!”

I blinked horrified by the thought of being woken out of blissful sleep. “No don’t do that!”

Everyone started laughing. “Why not!”

“Because I will be kicked out!”

Ah it was a good day.


It was a stressfree day.

I was crushing people’s dreams one Peppermint Mocha at a time!

It was blissful.

The morning was spent happy and relaxed. Instead of scrambling to make endless espresso based drinks, coffees, teas all in between orders. Running around frazzled and ready to cut people the next time they order mochas!


The espresso machines werent working.

I laughed like a maniac! I was dancing a jig.

First with the gravy shortage! No poutine! Almost 2 months without poutine! I hated making the stupid gravy! Why should drive thru crew be making it when front counter is standing around doing nothing! It made no sense!

I was free! I was free from all the stress

It was wonderful!

I was enjoying myself immensely until I realized some people thought they didn’t have to follow procedure. “Where is your headset?” I asked the Presenter. She ignored me.

Annie looked at me and I looked at her. “Did she just ignore me?” I asked.

Annie giggled. “Everyone ignores you.”

I scowled. “No we are not going to pull this shit again. Proper procedure. Less mistakes!”

Annie scoffed, “Do you follow proper procedure.”

I grinned. “No but I know what I am doing, these girls cant tell their ass from their face!”

Annie burst out laughing “Becky!”

“Put your headset on!” I told the presenter again. she looked at me, then looked away. She was ignoring me! “This will be the last time I am telling you! Put your headset on!”

The presenter sighed and marched off to find a headset.

But not even half hour later, she had taken the headset off. “Why is your headset off.” Annie asked. “You’re supposed to be wearing it!”

Oh well, what can a person do?

First lane was having a hard time telling customers we had no espresso. “You said no. That is all you have to say.” I told her. “Or you say coffee or tea.”

Steve smirked. “We are not like you, Rebecca!”

“What. You gave them an answer. Then you gave them options. Its not rudeness. Short straight to the point. Pick up the pace this is aint San Antonio!”

Steve rolled his eyes.

Then a customer in my lane ordered peppermint mocha. I hate Christmas drinks! “I am sorry our machines arent working. Would you like chocolate syrup in your coffee instead?” I suggested.

“I said a peppermint mocha!” she screeched.

“I said the machines arent working” I replied coldly.

“Oh then what can I get? Can I get coffee?”

My eye twitched. Uh yeah I suggested it.

It was so lovely just to be take orders and not worry about McCafe drinks. I dont know how Starbucks does it. I wouldnt be able to handle it. I would have meltdowns with their coffee drinks!

DSL-Ryan strolled in, looking less than impressed. I laughed when I saw his expression. “What is it this time?” he asked in exasperation. I shrugged. “I dont know. Nothing is working. Do you need an employee number? You know because you are here all the time.”

Ryan burst out laughing. ” no I dont.”

Derp walked up to Ryan, “I think the reason they keep breaking the espresso machines is to see you.” he teased Ryan.

I gasped. “I would never sabotage you like that, Ryan!”

“Maybe its Annie” Derp suggested. I burst out laughing.

Ryan started to move things around. “Why are there so many cups!” he cried. “I need to work here!”

I laughed. “Now you know my pain, Ryan!”

He opened the espresso machine freezer where the milk is kept. He groaned. “Where are they?”

“Where is what?”

“The clamps”

I giggled. “Welcome to my world.” I sang to him. He glared at me. I laughed harder. “Ryan do you know how many times I have to tell everyone to follow procedures?”

I marched up to Annie, “Ryan wants the milk clamps.”

“I think there are some in the office.”

She followed me back into the drive thru and apologised to Ryan for the mess. She reiterated how important it was to follow proper procedure for machines.

Instead of a Christmas Party, my boss held the 12 days of Christmas draw. Every day until Christmas all employees get a chance to win a draw for a prize. This time I won AirPods. I was so excited!

A customer asked for poutine.

“I dont have poutine.”

“How do you not have poutine? You sold out?” she snapped.

“Because there is a gravy shortage across Canada” I muttered.

“So because you dont have gravy or cheese curds you dont have poutine!”

“Uh yeah thats how you make poutine,right?” I replied. “We dont have gravy. there isnt gravy in Canada!”

After she drove off, we began to laugh. “Oh no there is no gravy dont you know that is how you make poutine!” I wheezed. “No cheese curds!”

“We have cheese curds but no gravy! Oh no!”

“Alright we have McCafe?”

My laughter stopped and I turned to face Ryan. “What did you just say to me, Ryan?”

“I fixed the machines.”

“Nooo!” I howled. “Its not 4 yet! How could you crush my dreams like that!”

he shrugged.

“Just take your time ok. Work slowly!” I pleaded. “Until 4”

Ryan started to reach for his tool bag. “Sorry no can do.”

“But come on!” he glanced at the clock. “its only half hour.”

“even thats too long!”

“Good bye”

Now there will be espresso tomorrow. Oh the horror!


Today I started my shift early.

I was on front counter thankfully 😅

We were busy. I was the only person on window. 12 deliveries, plus orders all at once! Good thing I didn’t have to assemble any of it!

Anti-maskers were coming to my register. The gall they had! One lady glared at me “other people aren’t wearing one”

“Other people are sitting down to eat!” I snapped.

The woman struggled to put on her mask “do you really think a mask is going to save you from COVID?” She sneered.

My gaze went cold. “Yeah actually I do!” I shot back “thanks bro!”

She huffed and stormed off.

Wearing a mask for five minutes to order food ain’t going to kill you. You are not medically exempt from wearing a mask just because you don’t want to wear a mask!

My morning progressed nicely until tourists came in. “I want a jr chicken meal” he ordered. I politely informed him we have breakfast and he could have a chicken muffin meal if he’d like.

“I said a jr chicken meal!” He raised his voice.

“It’s breakfast”

He was incredulous. “It’s 10:30!”

My cheerfulness began to fade. “It’s breakfast.”

He even showed me his phone. 10:30. “And?” I sighed. “It’s still breakfast”

“Are you serious right now?!” He demanded. “are you joking?!”

Which was his mistake. It was as if the restaurant got colder. I swear to Gawd, that is my pet peeve. Do not ever ask if I am joking when I am taking an order!

I fixed him with an icy glare. “I don’t joke around.” I answered coldly.

The guy’s reaction was priceless! He was so stunned that I dared to talk back. He looked at me, looked back at his friend “is she for real?” He pointed at me. “This is bullshit!”

“How is it bullshit?!” I asked in resignation. “You were told numerous times that it was breakfast yet you insist on lunch!”

My managers plus the regional manager were eavesdropping, my mouth didn’t care. Come at me with attitude, when I am being polite I will slap you back with the same attitude!

“I don’t want breakfast!” He went on “I wanted a jr chicken!”

“Please order breakfast or move so your friend can order”

His friend laughed, but the guy was so flabbergasted that he couldn’t have his way!

My day was wonderful! aside from the chaos up front!

It was stress free, pain free, drama free!


Me: so what should I have for my birthday dinner tomorrow, Kai?

Mom: THIS is your birthday dinner!!!

Me: what?!!

Today was an ok day.

I was woken up by Daisy sitting on my head, purring.

First time for everything!

I started work early.

I didn’t mind. It made me realize unless I am constantly reminding them to do something, the weekend team would never get anything accomplished.

On the other hand, the weekend team allows the full time to do nothing. It’s nice not to have to scramble around to finish the graveyard shift’s/opening tasks!

“Becky you are making gravy? Great? Yesterday no one made any until we had an order of poutine!” Steve told me.

My head jerked up so fast, I was incredulous. “Are you kidding me?!”

He laughed. “No”

It’s the one task I hate. Every time I come on shift I always have to double check to make sure prep is ready. Or not too much overstock.

First day of school meant no more Summer drink sale! Crushing people’s dreams!😎😂

I no longer had go into 3 separate menus to get the drinks! Change drink options in the meals! It was wonderful!

I was in a somewhat cheerful mood until:

Customer: I will have a vanilla iced coffee with an extra shot.

Me: ok

Customer: with an extra shot.

Me: yes it says that.

Customer: I said an extra shot! I want 2 pumps!

I stopped making coffee glared at the CVS.

Me: ma’am 1 shot of vanilla equals 2 pumps!

Customer: I. Want. An. Extra. Shot. Of. Vanilla!!! what part of that you not getting?!!

Now I was beyond irritated.

Me: what part of 1 extra shot = 2 pumps of vanilla are YOU not getting?!!! Do you want 4 pumps?!”

Customer: oh. Yes. That’s what I ordered!

Me: for the last time and only time! You will order 1 vanilla iced coffee with 2 extra shots! Have I made myself clear?!

Customer: how many shots of vanilla am I getting?

Me: are you serious?! 8 pumps of sugar! 8!!!

Customer: I don’t..

Me: no. End of order. Have a nice day.

Then trying to explain to the mcCafe person how many shots?!🤦‍♀️😡🤬

Every order was paid out wrong!

I was stuck on cash after lunch.

It was ok. I was happy to be off.


I went to my parents for dinner.

My parents were telling me about their trip to Saskatchewan. I love visiting my family in Saskatoon.

My aunts were confident that I would be happy to move down to the city.

My mom told them otherwise. “No, she would have a hard time with how unclean the city is” my mom proceeded to tell me how dirty the restaurants were.

My dad laughed at my horrified expression. “We told your aunts there would be no way you would be able to handle it!”

I reached for my sanitizer bottle. “Gross!”

I will clean a table to my satisfaction at a restaurant. I am paranoid about cleanliness and smells. it’s embarrassing for others when I am around and I do cleaning. Oh well.


My mom forgot it was my birthday until my niece asked how old I was. She thought I was 42. How sweet.

When asked what I wanted for my birthday dinner and presents. My mind went blank.

I never know so my niece suggested a gift card for the book store.