Elijah Mikaelson, the enigmatic and captivating vampire, stood before me with his piercing blue eyes ablaze with intensity. His dark hair was perfectly tousled, framing his handsome face, and his tall, muscular frame exuded an aura of power and control. I had always been drawn to his commanding presence, but now, as tension crackled in the air between us, I felt a mix of exhilaration and unease.

His lips curved into a smirk, a touch of arrogance dancing on his face. “Ah, Becky, always the feisty one,” he murmured, his voice laced with a blend of amusement and danger. “But I assure you, my threats are far from mundane. I have an entire eternity to perfect them.”

I scoffed, my voice laced with a hint of defiance. “Well, perhaps you should spend that eternity working on some original material. I’ve heard this particular threat at least a dozen times, Elijah. It’s lost its edge.”

Elijah’s eyes narrowed, and for a moment, I saw a flicker of irritation cross his features. His control over his emotions was legendary, but even he had his limits. “Do not mistake my patience for weakness, Becky,” he warned, his voice dripping with a lethal undercurrent. “I may be a creature of habit, but I assure you, I am far from boring.”

I couldn’t help but be captivated by his intensity, despite my attempt to feign indifference. His presence exuded power and allure, drawing me in like a moth to a flame. There was an undeniable magnetism that emanated from him, both physically and intellectually, making it nearly impossible to resist his charm.

With a seductive smile playing on his lips, Elijah took a step closer, his hand gently caressing my cheek. The touch sent shivers down my spine, igniting a cascade of sensations within me. It was as if the world around us had vanished, leaving only the two of us entwined in a moment of raw desire.

“Let me show you a world beyond the ordinary, Becky,” he whispered, his breath warm against my ear. “A world where passion reigns and every touch is a symphony of pleasure.”

His words hung in the air, tantalizingly close to my senses, tempting me to succumb to his proposition. But I couldn’t help but challenge him, my defiance laced with a hint of playful banter.

“A world beyond the ordinary, you say? And what exactly does that entail, Elijah?” I quipped, raising an eyebrow. “More dramatic monologues and grand gestures?”

Elijah chuckled softly, a sound that resonated deep within me. “Ah, my dear Becky, you underestimate me. I assure you, I can offer so much more than mere theatrics. Picture a night under the starlit sky, where every touch is like a delicate brushstroke on the canvas of your skin. A symphony of whispered promises and stolen glances, where time stands still in the embrace of passion.”

His words painted vivid images in my mind, awakening a hunger I didn’t even know existed. There was an undeniable allure to his proposition, a temptation that beckoned me to explore the depths of desire.

“Do you think you can seduce me as if I were one of your addle brain paramours?” I wondered out loud. “Do not think to distract me with poetic words. Elijah. Always the noble one, always playing by the rules. But I see through that facade. I know there’s darkness buried deep within you.”

His eyes flashed with a mixture of surprise and intrigue. “Oh, do you now?” he challenged, a touch of curiosity seeping into his voice. “And what makes you so certain, Becky?”

I let out a bitter laugh, my voice tinged with a touch of sadness. “Because I’ve seen glimpses of it, Elijah. The way you look at me when you think no one is watching, the hunger in your eyes. You want me, but you’re too afraid to act on it.”

Elijah’s expression turned unreadable as he stared at me, his gaze intense and penetrating. “You are treading on dangerous ground, Becky,” he warned, his voice low and husky. “There are consequences to playing with fire.”

A surge of adrenaline coursed through my veins as I closed the remaining distance between us. Our bodies were now mere inches apart, the air thick with tension. “Maybe I enjoy the danger,” I murmured, my voice laced with a mixture of defiance and desire. “Maybe I want to see what lies beneath that composed facade of yours.”

Elijah’s gaze bore into mine, his eyes smoldering with an intensity that sent shivers down my spine. His voice dropped to a seductive whisper. “Be careful what you wish for, Becky. I am not a man to be trifled with.”

A smile played at the corners of my lips, a mix of challenge and anticipation. “I wouldn’t have it any other way, Elijah. I’ve never been one to shy away from a little danger.”

In that moment, the air crackled with electricity, the tension between us reaching its peak. We were two opposing forces, drawn together by an irresistible magnetism, and as we locked eyes, it became clear that the line between love and destruction had blurred.

Elijah’s caress feathered over my cheek, down my jawline. His thumb barely skimming over my pulse. My heartbeat fluttering in my throat like a hummingbird. His touch was electrifying, sending a surge of warmth through me. “You’re playing a dangerous game, Becky,” he whispered, his voice filled with a mix of warning and longing. “And sometimes, the most exquisite pleasures lie just beyond the boundaries of what we consider safe.”

In that moment, the world around us ceased to exist. Elijah’s touch sent shivers down my spine, his fingers tracing a path of anticipation along the delicate curve of my throat. His lips, so close to mine, exuded a tantalizing warmth that stirred a wildfire of longing within me.

I felt a shiver run down my spine as his touch tightened ever so slightly, a hint of his power and dominance manifesting in the gesture. There was a primal energy emanating from him, an allure that both thrilled and frightened me. But there was also an undeniable trust that existed between us, a trust that allowed us to explore the depths of our desires without fear.

His voice, a velvet whisper against my lips, caressed my senses. “Becky, do you understand the gravity of the path we are choosing?” he asked, his tone laced with both desire and caution. “Once we cross this threshold, there is no turning back.”

I met his gaze, my eyes filled with a mix of fervor and trust. “I am aware, Elijah. I understand the risks, the consequences. But I refuse to let fear dictate my heart. With you, I choose to live fully, even if it means navigating treacherous waters.”

A momentary flicker of vulnerability passed through his eyes before they hardened with resolve. His fingers tightened their grip on my throat ever so slightly, a silent reminder of the power he possessed. “Very well,” he murmured, his voice tinged with a heady mix of desire and control. “But remember, Becky, I am a creature of darkness. I am capable of causing pain as easily as I can bring pleasure.”

A thrill coursed through me, a delicious blend of anticipation and surrender. I leaned closer, our lips nearly brushing, my voice a breathy invitation. “Show me, Elijah. Show me the depths of your darkness and the heights of your passion. Let me experience the full spectrum of who you are”


Oh my gulay! The way he looked at her!

Why can’t anyone look at me like that!


Remember to always believe in yourself, stay true to your values, and never give up on your dreams. You have the power to make a positive impact in the world, so embrace your unique talents and share them with the world. Keep shining bright and spreading love wherever you go.


Today felt slow and uneventful, to the point where I found myself dozing off between orders. (exaggerate much)

my mind started to wander, I began to daydream about something more exciting – the perfect romantic dinner.


  • Roasted Beet and Goat Cheese Salad with Walnuts and Honey Vinaigrette

Main Course:

  • Grilled Steak with Red Wine Reduction Sauce, served with Garlic Roasted Potatoes and Roasted Asparagus


  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries with Champagne

To create this meal, follow these steps:

  1. Preheat your oven to 400°F (200°C).
  2. Start by roasting the beets for the salad. Peel and slice the beets, then toss them in olive oil, salt, and pepper. Roast for 25-30 minutes or until tender.
  3. While the beets are roasting, prepare the salad by mixing together arugula, crumbled goat cheese, chopped walnuts, and a honey vinaigrette.
  4. For the main course, season the steak with salt and pepper, then grill it to your desired doneness. While the steak is resting, make the red wine reduction sauce by deglazing the pan with red wine and reducing it until it thickens.
  5. For the sides, toss chopped potatoes with olive oil, salt, and garlic, then roast in the oven for 25-30 minutes. Similarly, toss asparagus with olive oil, salt, and pepper, then roast for 10-15 minutes.
  6. For dessert, melt chocolate in a double boiler or in the microwave, then dip strawberries in the melted chocolate. Chill in the fridge until the chocolate hardens. Serve with a bottle of champagne.
  7. Finally, set the table with your best dishes and silverware, light some candles, and play some soft romantic music to set the mood.

I love creating a romantic ambiance with Candles and romantic music.

I think that is when the wonderful daydream ended and I had to come back to reality!


The merest whisper of lips brushing over my ear invaded the warmth depths of my sleep. I tried to ignore the velvet rasp of a tongue licking the shell of my ear, followed by the sharp nip of teeth.

Unexpected surge of pain and then pleasure crashed over my wakening senses. I moaned fretfully.

“nice try, Mochi” the gravelly voice rumbled in my ear, “I know you are awake!”

I pouted into my pillow. Mason was such a stickler for mornings. He enjoyed waking up early, whereas I slept in. He got in a run, shower and even a few business calls before eight am. That was inhumane.

“no” I grumbled.

Mason chuckled. There was little warning before the comforter was ripped off me. I let out a shriek as I was rolled underneath him. My arms yanked high above my head. His fingers circling my wrists.

Mason’s lips twitched at the corner. “You’re quite the spoiled one, aren’t you? You always want things your way and can’t stand hearing ‘no’,” he teased, leaning in closer until his mouth was just inches away from mine. “But indulging your every whim will be the death of me. I think it’s time for a little punishment to set you straight.”

I couldn’t help but smirk at his words. “Well, if being spoiled means getting what I want, then I guess I am.” I teased back, my eyes locking with his.

Mason’s lips turned into a grin as he leaned in closer. “And what do you want, little brat?” he whispered, his breath hot against my cheek.

My heart raced with anticipation as I leaned in even closer, feeling the heat between us grow more intense. “Right now, I want you,” I answered huskily, my fingers tracing the lines of his shirt.

Mason’s lips found mine in a fierce, hungry kiss. His strong arms pulled me closer, his body pressing against mine as we kissed with a fiery passion. In that moment, nothing else mattered but the intense desire between us, and the overwhelming need to indulge in every pleasure we craved.

As we broke apart, breathless and gasping for air, Mason’s eyes glittered with mischief. “Looks like I’ll have to indulge my little brat some more,” he said with a playful grin, his fingers running over my skin. “Unfortunately, it will have to wait until this evening”

I was impressed with the luxurious appearance of the restaurant, later that night.

The sommelier was prompt with wine. “She will have Iced Americano, thank you” Mason cut in before the sommelier could pour me a glass.

“Don’t be a hard ass, Mase!” Joel chuckled “let her drink”

Mason’s eyes flashed and there was a barest of smiles on his lips “Becky doesnt drink” he thanked the sommelier and dismissed her. A waitress appeared with my Iced Americano. Joel leered at her.

Mason shot him a warning look before turning his attention back to me. He leaned in, “order whatever you want,” he whispered, “I will try to end this dinner as quickly and painlessly as possible”

Mason and Joel talked about their business ventures, throwing around terms and concepts that threaten to put me to sleep.

Joel shifted the conversation to himself once our meals were served.

He believed himself to be God’s gift to women. He bragged endlessly about his lavish vacations in the Caribbean, his splurges on luxury resorts, cars, and stunning women. And yet, despite all his bluster, he lacked even a hint of arm candy. I seethed with annoyance that I’d let Mason talk me into a dinner with such a blowhard. I barely spoke, responding with curt yes or no answers. I knew I was being rude, but I couldn’t bear to waste any more of my precious time. I’d much rather have been snuggled up under the covers with a good book than forced to listen to this man’s ceaseless prattle. I mulled over the various ways I could punish Mason for putting me through such a torturous experience.

Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t hide the disgust and boredom I felt towards the self-absorbed idiot sitting across from me. I wasn’t an actress, and I refused to pretend to enjoy his meaningless small talk. I had no tolerance for fools, especially when they made revolting comments about women. It took all my willpower not to pick up my fork and silence him for good. Suddenly, Mason’s firm touch on my hand snapped me out of my thoughts. I looked down to see our fingers intertwined and then up at his face.

“Do you want dessert” he smiled. Before I could answer Joel interrupted.

Joel had a smirk across his face as he asked, “Does she really need dessert?” His gaze trailed up and down my body. “It’s not like she requires it.” Mason’s grip on my hand intensified, and I couldn’t help but feel the urge to gouge Joel’s eyes out. “Becky can have whatever she desires,” Mason retorted with a smooth tone. “I would rather indulge her than face her anger.”

Joel snorted. “You shouldn’t let your woman wear the pants! She should know her place!”

I smirked, “A woman should know her place.” Joel glared at me, “And what place is that?” I replied with a sweet smile, “Similarly, a man should know his place. Men have a tendency to act like kids and require consistent coddling to prevent their delicate egos from being harmed. Although they desire women to be in a subservient position, they are unwilling to take on any responsibilities.” I closed my eyes, “In my opinion, instead of being supportive and uplifting to their partners, men frequently belittle and demoralize them to enhance their egos.”

Mason’s grip on my fingers tightened even more. I knew I was crossing a line, but I couldn’t help myself. Joel’s arrogance was too much to bear.

Mason spoke up, “Becky is entitled to her opinion, Joel. And I happen to agree with her. A real man lifts up his partner, not tear them down.”

Joel grumbled under his breath.

“I’ll have the salted caramel cheesecake,” I said, quickly placing my order before Joel could make any more remarks.

Mason ordered a slice of chocolate cake for himself and we sat in silence as we waited for our desserts. My mind was still reeling from Joel’s comment, but Mason’s reassurance put me at ease.

“You’re beautiful just the way you are,” he whispered, giving my hand a gentle squeeze. “Don’t let anyone make you feel less than that.”

I gave him a small smile and leaned in for a kiss, feeling grateful for his unwavering support. When our desserts arrived, I savored every bite of my cheesecake, feeling unapologetic for indulging in something I truly desired.

As soon as dinner was finished, I made an excuse to leave early. I couldn’t wait to get away from Joel and his disgusting comments. Mason walked me to my car, his hand resting on my lower back. “I’m sorry about Joel. He can be quite insufferable at times.”

I huffed a laugh, “You don’t have to apologize for your friends. I just couldn’t stand hearing him talk anymore.”

Mason leaned in close to me, his breath warm against my ear. “I know, but next time, please try to behave. You know how I get when you misbehave.”

I felt a shiver run down my spine at his words. Mason could be a bit domineering at times, but it was something I secretly enjoyed. “I’ll try to keep myself in check,” I replied, smiling.

Mason brushed an errant hair away from my face, “You know what we should do? Let’s go out and explore the city. We haven’t really done that yet.”

“What about your business deal” I asked.

“Joel bores me.”

I grinned at him, feeling a sense of excitement bubble up inside of me. “That sounds like a great idea. What do you suggest we do first?”

Mason leaned in closer, his breath tickling my ear as he whispered, “How about we find a rooftop bar and watch the sunset?”

My heart skipped a beat at the suggestion, and I nodded eagerly. “Yes, let’s do it!”


It’s so true! 😩

However, I am ok.

I am happy. There is no drama.

Yet I wish I had someone to love and to love me.

This may sound selfish I just wanted to be doted on, have my wants needs catered to. To be pampered. 🥰🥰


I was asked what I do on the weekends.

“Nothing,” I sighed “I’m lazy”

“Lazy? She’s too busy with her two boyfriends!” Lane 1 replied.

My jaw dropped. The McCafe person gaped incredulous disbelief.

“Becky, you have 2 boyfriends?!” She exclaimed.

Before I could reply, Lane 1 answered “yes, she has two! That’s why she is always tired! 1 is a sugar daddy! The other is a 24 year old!”

I choked.

“What?!” The McCafé person was aghast. I was flabbergasted she was actually believing him!

“Yes!” Lane 1 sighed “a 24 year old hunky gym freak!”

McCafé person stared at me. “Oh yes, he just loves coming home to little round doughy me!” I replied drily.

“Becky I can’t believe you!”

“I’m just full of surprises!”

I wish!


Rhihanna’s song “work work” was playing while I held Daisy.

“Work work is one of your favourite songs, isn’t it Daisy?” I crooned.

Daisy growled at me. I was so stunned I laughed uneasily.

Yesterday, Daisy and Willow woke me up with their playful fighting, at least I thought it was until a few minutes ago.

It had been a hassle to get Daisy to come inside for night, when she finally appeared, I noticed through the balcony window, she was slow and reluctant.

Daisy ate her breakfast. Which she begged for more wet. I picked up Daisy to carry her to my room. She had been indecisive going about in and out of the house.

“Come on, it’s time to snuggle with momma” I cooed.

Daisy growled.

I was startled. “Did you just growl at me?!” I admonished her. “You do not growl at momma! Now let’s go to bed.” I went to snuggle her close.

Again Daisy growled. Longer and louder. I was bewildered. Daisy never growled at me. Had I hurt her? I know I was annoying, but she usually made a warning meow.

I let her go, and followed her back to the door. Where Willow was. Again Willow tried to assert her dominance. I nipped that in the bud. I tried to soothe Daisy but when I touched her, she growled.

I don’t know what came over me, I burst into tears.

I think I may have to take her into the doctor or her behaviour is because she is dreading the winter being inside with Willow. Willow the needy clingy stinky cat🐈 😆🤦‍♀️


“Becky, don’t you want a boyfriend?”

No. I’m tired of having people telling me I can’t have what I want!

Which is why I always have to get it myself!

unless he spoils me. Gives me everything I want. I need. Surprises me with whatever I want or like. Doesn’t deny me?

Then sure, I want someone in my life!


Willow and I were snuggled in bed. She wasn’t feeling well either. Despite the fact I combed her fur. And spoiled her with lots of love.

She began to gag, and climbed off the bed to prepare herself for vomiting. Perhaps it was me?! 😂😂

I comforted her. She surprised me by allowing me to pick her up and hold her in my arms.

I burst into tears. I was so happy. Willow allowed me to hold her for awhile.

I discovered that Brushing Willow? while she enjoys it, it aggravates her scent glands. Damn that girl stinks!🤢🤮😂

My cats haven’t left my side all day. They normally are outside or whine to be outside. Not today. It made me feel so much better.

Out of nowhere Daisy darted onto the bed and ran to me. She was frightened by something outside. Daisy crawled under the covers. Until she was at my feet, pawed at my legs. She settled down between my legs, and huddled close. Willow laid beside her

I wonder if having someone in my life would I be pampered and spoiled with affection when I am sick?