One day I am ripping people’s heads off the next I’m like a kitten. Sweet and cuddly! 🤪😌🫣

Did I say that?

Magnesium is a great mood stabilizer. Of course don’t be taking magnesium citrate or this will happen:


Bro, I should have had a sign!

Don’t fuck with the mood or catch these hands!

Milkshakes were popular today but did anyone know how to communicate that they wanted one? Or to just spit their preferred flavour out? They had to make it an ordeal!

Customer: I will have the chocolate triple.

What? I don’t even know what that is!

Me: excuse me?

Customer: the chocolate triple!

Me: the what?

Customer: the chocolate triple!

I’m so clueless until I realized she meant a shake!

Another customer wouldn’t answer a simple yes or no question, he kept insisting on a triple thick shake! “Sir I am asking you if you said vanilla! Please answer yes or no!” I turned off my mic “I don’t want your fucking life story! How hard is it to say yes or no!” I exploded. “Go back to the mountains where you came from! This town is full of inbred fucking idiots!”

Steve slowly turned around and pinned me down with a warning glare “Becky, you sound like your sister! You need to take a chill pill!”

“I need alcohol to deal with the level of stupidity that comes through your store!”

“You’re on Ritalin you can’t have alcohol!” Steve replied.

I giggled “no one needs to know”

My afternoon more smoothly and I was my cheerful self once more.

I was about to leave my shift when a customer pulled up and asked for a happy meal.

“Oh sure. What would you like to drink”

I didn’t even finish my sentence before he started to shout “I said a happy meal”

“Yes I am asking for the drink”

“The cheeseburger…” still shouting angrily at me, in my ear only louder!

My eye twitched “I’m asking what you want to drink!” I shouted back.

“Are you having a bad day?!” He snapped.

“Um no. You were shouting at me when I was asking for your drink” I gentled the tone.

“I’m the customer!” he began “you don’t talk…”

Well the customer decided he wanted to fuck around and find out I wasn’t about that life!

And now we were done! Do not step up to me and pull the “I’m the entitled customer” tone with me!

“Alright” I began voiding his order “you can come in to order please”


“Have a nice day!”

“Are you kidding?!” He exploded “I want to talk to the manager!”

“You can. But your order will be taken inside. Have a nice day.”

“This is ridiculous!”

“Have a nice day but I will not serve you!”

The customer proceeded to pull up to the cash window and order. I warned the cashier to stop taking the order. She ignored me.

Fury ignited. I stormed down to the cash booth only to find she wasn’t wearing a headset!

I calmed down when she told me how he shouted at her but she was firm in reminding him that if he wanted his order to be polite. Paraphrasing of course.

Did he talk to a manager?


If a service person is being polite why be ignorant?


I had a rough sleep last night. I couldn’t find a comfortable position, and I was in discomfort. I ended up going to work at my scheduled shift instead of earlier.

I was so smart today I made Simple Jack look like Stephen Hawking!**

It was so embarrassing!

  • “What would you like with your ranch drink?” Damn ranch sauce!
  • “What kind of sauce would you like with your ranch meal?”
  • “Please give the code to the cashier the code will take care of it for you!”

I was making a pitcher of gravy and thought I had the whisk in my hand? No! I was stirring it with the coffee spoon!

I was facepalming myself so many times I’m surprised I didn’t flatten my face!

I was enjoying myself immensely.

Someone had to go to the bathroom. First lane piped up “Derp, your bestie has to go to the bathroom!”

Derp frowned “my bestie?”

I was laughing so hard. “They are coworkers! They are best friends they are two of a kind! Give them a high five!” I sang.

Derp gave me a look. Sometime later Derp discovered that the roll of stickers had been tampered with. He had a meltdown.

Kieran rolled her eyes “Derp! Don’t tell me how perfect you are!” She snapped “get over yourself!”

Dev had been trying to set me up with another coworker. “Becky needs a ride home”

I chuckled “it’s cuffin season. I need a reason for a big boy” I sang.

He smiled “I will give you a ride home, Becky

“A ride to the SPCA!’” A manager teased.

Everyone laughed “a date night is in the dog park and dinner is at zoo food!”

I was almost done work when a woman demanded to know “is that all there is on your menu? Just a Big Mac and Quarter pounder?”

I was speechless! Then annoyed. There are pictures x words!

“Um no. There are pictures of all that is on menu”

“Well all I see..”

“What would you like ma’am!” I wasn’t going to play her game of stupidity. “The number 1,2,3,4,5”

She huffed. “Well don’t you have something with bacon? Something for men?”

My mouth opened then closed again. I just couldn’t find the words!

**(Please see the film about Stephen Hawking! The Theory of Everything! It’s amazing! I cried! Tropical Thunder is one of my favourite films. But Lawd have mercy, was Simple Jack awful!)**


Oh my word! What a start to my morning!

I was up at 6:30am because Willow shat all over her bedding then proceeded to go underneath my bed, shat there, waddle her way to the kitchen. Shat on the floor and made it to the litter box and shat. I spent 45 minutes cleaning!

I came to work in a good mood until the second customer I served came at me with attitude! I swear if I don’t use my Big Boy voice? Men use no manners!

“I have a code” he said.

“Oh sure just give it to the cash person, May I have your order please” I asked.

“It says I’m to give you code” he snapped.

I don’t give a fuck!

“I asked for your order please” I interjected.

“Look I don’t need your attitude!” He shouted “we all have places we rather be.. blah blah..” i zoned out because I was seeing red.

“First of all, I was polite.” I replied. “I asked you to give the code to the cashier. That’s all! Now May I please have your order”

He finished ordering. Drove to second booth where he proceeded to speak to a manager.

“No,” I said “he doesn’t. He really doesn’t want to. I already took care of it “

He insisted.

Then got banned from the restaurant when he did talked to the manager! 😂😂😂

The manager was nice until the customer opened his mouth and then Steve asked him to leave.

“What do you expect when the first thing you do is give me attitude.” Steve asked him. “I assured you there would be accountability. Do you think my order taker would like this attitude first thing in the morning when she was being polite!”

The morning went well until another customer proceeded to bitch me out because he couldn’t see the menu. He ordered a bagel. “Ok was that all”

“You didn’t ask me what kind of bagel I wanted!” He shouted.

“I don’t ask because you can tell me, right?!” I shot back.

“Yeah but”

“But nothing. Tell me or you can go have a nice day!” I snapped.

It’s too exhausting being polite!


“Did you take the day off?”
“No, I was ill”
“Oh that explains why it was such a beautiful day, yesterday! Every time you work it’s horrible weather!”

Wow! What a burn! I laughed at my regular customer’s quip!

I went to work despite being ill. My body was still swollen and painful.

I just couldn’t stay at home anymore.

I walked onto my shift and drive thru hadn’t been stocked. Despite it was closed all night. The team was upset but I couldn’t care less. I was tired of trying to be efficient and effective.

I was on my best behaviour, until I jinxed myself and mumbled “it must be a good day! Not one customer is fucking around to find out!”

Yes! I just had to open my big mouth! It went straight to hell in a handbasket after that! customers were trying my last nerve.

  • I don’t care about your rewards! I asked you what you wanted to eat! 😡
  • Large sized? I’m sorry? Did you want meals? I’m asking because you keep asking for the sandwiches. What would you like to drink? (Passenger beaks me off) I am asking you about your drinks. (Still beaking me off) WHAT ARE YOUR DRINKS!!!!
  • Coupons? Ok what you like? Ok sure. 3 ice cream cones? Oh only 1. Sorry? It’s free. Yes. But you want 3. Yes I had 3 on the screen. Anything else? Yes I know they are free. Anything else. I’m asking if you want anything else but ice cream? I don’t care about the coupons! that has nothing to do with me! You give them to the cashier, right?! Now is there anything else!

I might have gotten a little testy! 😂

By mid morning I was feeling better! I stretched and there was a cracked and damn if the swelling went down.

Such a great day afterwards!


I’m falling asleep in the bath as I write this.

I’m exhausted!

My cats have been mischievous lately. Which was wonderful Medicine after a rough day!

My mom visited last night. She wanted to see the cats, not me. (I had been over to the house for dinner)

After much spoiling the babies, my mom left. Or so I thought. All of sudden she popped up outside the balcony door calling for Willow.

Willow ran outside, excited to get some pets from grandma. She turned around and presented her ass to my mom!

My mom, meanwhile had reached out to pet her. When she realized her hand was about to be up in Willow’s ass, she let out a screech. “Willow, no!”

I laughed hysterically.

“Becky! That’s gross! Her ass is so dirty! Clean her ass! Willow stop it!”

Willow was so proud of herself!

I have been training Willow to bathe herself before climbing into bed. She does alright. She sneezed all over me. Then nestled closed, under my chin. I was so happy! Daisy will not cuddle up like that!


I thought my day would be so much better than yesterday. After all I had a wonderful sleep. I was sleeping with my babies.

The morning began well.

Until the entitled Kevins’ drove up in their big ass diesel trucks!

After greeting one customer I asked him to turn off his truck because I couldn’t hear him. He ignored me and continued ordering.

“Please turn off your truck”

“I’m not turning off my fucking truck!” He exploded.

I was not going to be putting up with anyone’s bullshit! Especially some country heehaw bumpkin who couldn’t even order a damn coffee. “I asked you to turn off your truck. It’s a diesel right?! It’s loud, right?! I can’t hear you over the damn diesel!” I shouted.

“Right” he was a bit more subdued. But he didn’t turn off the truck.

“So what do you want”

“I want an Americano!”

“Alright, thank you! You can go now!”


Another customer mumbled through their order over their diesel. However they turned off the truck when I asked.

Still mumbled.

“I’m sorry did you say a banana muffin”

There was a tsking sound “are you fucking deaf?!” The customer shouted.

Well that triggered me. “Yes, I actually am! Thank you for pointing out my handicap!” I shot back. “That is why I kept asking you to repeat yourself!”

There was a moment of silence. The passenger was so horrified “oh my god!”

The driver didn’t apologize but spoke clearer.

Phew! After I was finished that order, I was wondering how could customers not be embarrassed and mortified by their actions Flashback in time, when a customer told me he was deaf and I was rude for not making eye contact and speaking clearly so he could read my lips!

I was absolutely mortified! I must say I am forever grateful to that man! His critique helped me so much! I try to make eye contact and read my customers lips as well.

I am surprised I even finished this post! I kept falling asleep in the bath!

Good night 😽


It was a chilly day! Sunny! I love days like these! Sweater weather!

I was in a wonderful mood! I woke up in great spirits! No pain, no blahs!

The lobby was closed for most of the day. Delivery was turned off as well.

I was enjoying myself. I was in fine form.

“Oh Becky you are so squishy like a teddy bear!” May exclaimed, hugging me. I laughed.

“Thank you”

“I am so happy you are here!”

That made me happy to hear.

Sometime later, May grumbled “there are too many people in the drive thru!” She referred to our teammates.

I grinned “ok I will leave! Goodbye!”

May frowned “no!”

I shrugged “you said there was too many people! You wanted me to leave!”

“No not you!” May protested “I like working with you! You are nice! You know what you are doing! Unlike those two!”She gestured to the McCafé Person and first lane.

I was really happy to know that.

My shenanigans were up to no good during lunch.

“Anytime, 25 years!” Steve called out.

“No problem, 30 years” I snickered handing Steve a drink.

“Steve is 30 years old?” First lane asked

“No he is a couple years old than me” I replied “he must be 65”

Steve didn’t hear that one.

“You’re old then?”

Ouch. “No” I sighed.

Steve began to sing the theme song to Three’s company. “Come and knock on our door..”

I perked up “we’ve been waiting for you!” I joined in.

“Thanks Mrs. Roper!” Steve quipped.

“No problem Mr Roper” then I snicker “you’re mr. Furley”

My mood was good until a customer sabotaged it. It took me three minutes to decipher that “chocolate” meant cookie! The customer refused to stop mumbling, to speak clearly and articulate what he wanted! I threw a sleeve of coffee lids.

Another customer had the gall to become angry with me because she wanted 1 coffee not 2! “First of all,” I snapped “you didn’t tell me you wanted a senior coffee until after you ordered! I have to go back and punch in the senior coffee!”

There was silence “oh” she murmured.

“How long have people have been on this planet and they still don’t know how to order a cup of coffee!” I exploded.

Another woman snapped at me that she wanted her tea well stirred

“Ma’am I’m the one who makes your tea!”

“Oh sometimes..”

“Have a nice day!” well stirred! I stir while I pour!

Then mumbling guy returned and took forever to tell me that the one sugar drink he wanted was a coffee! After I went through every hot drink! No! No!

The passenger wasn’t pleased “she asked you if you wanted coffee!” He shouted “why did you say no! Jesus Christ!”

At another time I would have laughed but I wasn’t feeling it! Then the asscan tried to order a shake and a cheeseburger!

“I have your cheeseburger! You need to go!” I shouted “have a nice day! Have a nice day!”

The passenger was so angry at the driver! 3 minutes to tell me that coffee!

Now I feel bad because I have a hard time getting my words out too.

I had to ask for forgiveness from the Lord on that one!

Other than some Snafus I just had a nice day lol


This afternoon felt like a whirlwind. I was so grateful that my energy was constant! I could have been mistaken for the Tasmanian Devil from Looney Tunes!

I was frazzled trying to multitask!

We had no coffee person! It was maddening!

“I need alcohol!” I exclaimed. I marched to the front counter to get a drink. The district manager replied.

“Becky, I thought you were doing a line of cocaine over there!”

I burst out laughing. “You didn’t supply me with any!”

He has a great sense of humour.

However, my humour was fading fast. The scheduling manager was on the floor to help. He started barking out drink demands.“why am I waiting on a milkshake? Make my shake!”

My head slowly turned to fix him a murderous glare. “We are busy taking orders and making drinks! You are just standing there”

He smirked “well that’s just the way it is!”

“That’s not the way it is!” I shouted “in my drive thru you do not stand there! You help or you get out!”

His smirk faded. He glared back and looked at the district manager. “She told you huh?” He told the schedule manager.

I was surprised I was still polite to the customers.

One customer was ordering as slow as the sloth from Zootopia!

“Ok let’s speed this up!” I was exasperated “I am trying to do a million things and you are taking too long!”

Another customer asked for a meal with fries no salt “ok what was the drink?”

Silence. “I’m sorry what was the drink?”

“I asked for fries no salt!” She shouted

“I’m asking about your drink!”

“Iced tea!” Then she said to her passenger under her breath “Jesus Christ! Fucking rude!”

“Ma’am!” I startled her “I heard you. I was punching in your meal! I just needed to know your drink. Thanks. You can go now”

She sat there for a moment “oh”

Another one “I don’t have points!”

“No one asked you” I sighed “I asked for your order”

Rewards points are the bane of my existence! Whoever thought competing with Timmies over rewards needs to be fired!

Explaining to the customer I was trying to multitask and in no position to take down numbers was ridiculous.

“It says I’m supposed to give you my reward points!”

“Please. Give. Your. Points. To. The. Cash. Person! I just want your order!”

Oh well I was so happy to be home!

I curled up with my cats. And relaxed in the bath!


Ah, what a day!

It was a good day I was in a wonderful mood and I sure as hell was not going to allow any customer to shit on it!

I was not playing games today!

Customers were stepping up to me with all kinds of attitude. They sure learned I wasn’t about that life!

Me: oh sure, please pull ahead.

Customer: I don’t need your attitude!

Well, my polite façade was gone.

Me: first of all, I wasn’t having attitude! I was explaining to you, you may pull ahead! Thanks tho!

Customer: oh.

“Fuck off. Before I beat your body like a piñata!” I snapped.

The girls burst out laughing.

I was singing to myself, making drinks when the next customer pulled up. In a diesel truck.

He mumbled something unintelligible.

“Oh I’m sorry did you say an extra large coffee and a sausage muffin”

He mumbled something about 2 coffees and something else.

“I’m sorry 2 coffees and sausage muffin?”

“No! Oh my god! You have it so wrong!” He shouted.

My eye twitched. Bro, better take that attitude down a notch.

“I wanted a banana muffin! I shouldn’t have to turn off my truck for you to hear me!” He kept saying other rude things.

“I couldn’t hear you over your truck that is why I was asking and yes you do have to! thanks for playing the game!” I finally snapped.

“Are you kidding me?!” I could hear him ranting.

The girls were laughing.

Sometime later Nicol was in the corner, trying to squirrel away food into her mouth before management caught her.

“Nicol” Derp sighed.

All of us whirled around to find him in the drive thru staring at Nicol. His expression priceless! “Once your done eating, take over for Kieran”

“What?” Nicol gasped, horrified. “What?!”

I burst out laughing. I could barely breathe.

“How did he know?! Did you tell him! Did he see me!”

“No I didn’t tell him! he has eyes like a hawk and ears like a bunny!” I wheezed.

After lunch, the girls got into a fight over communication. “I told you to hand me the stock so I could put it away!” One cried. “How can I hold the fridge door open, take orders and put away stock?!”

“I didn’t know what you wanted”

“I told you 3x!”

The district manager turned “don’t make Becky get involved, or else I will have to separate you!” He threatened them.

All eyes turned to me and I held up my hands in self self defence “don’t look at me!” I laughed “I’m enjoying it”

I was on front counter when a customer cut in front of some students who were ordering and demanded that I serve him. “No, you can get in line”

He glared at me. “Can’t you open another till!”

“No, does it look like I can?” I answered “get in line”

Fortunately for him, the students didn’t realize they were short money so they had to step out of line and recalculate.

“A coffee” the man threw his money at me then walked away.

“Excuse me!” I snapped “you do not walk away! What is in your coffee!”

“Double double!”

“Next time it will be black because I won’t ask!”

He stared at me.

“Don’t be rude! If you were in a hurry you could have ordered on the kiosk!”

Not even a few minutes later a customer ordered nuggets then rolled his eyes when I asked what his sauce was, and if it was to stay. “obviously it’s sweet sour”

I glared at him “obviously you don’t want your meal”


“It’s my job to ask what you would you like. Do not be rude!”

The entitlement of some people!



  • I forgot my phone at home.
  • The AC wasn’t working. It was +40C in drive thru second booth!
  • The milk shake machine was still in heat mode!
  • There was no pop!
  • Thankfully all was fixed by lunch!

It was a very busy day. Over $2000 for breakfast! What was going on? There was no school.

I was in a very good mood. I even had energy to deal with customers!


“I want an egg muffin and bacon meal!”

“I’m sorry, you want bacon and ham?”

“I wanted an egg muffin and bacon meal!!!”

“Do you want bacon and ham?”

She began to repeat herself, but I cut her off “I asked if you wanted both on your sandwich!” I snapped.

“I don’t know!”

Oh my god, get out! Get out!

The next customer:

“I wanted an extra large iced coffee”

“Ok 1 large iced coffee”

“That’s an extra large!”

“That’s 1 large iced coffee!”

“Don’t you have extra large???!! I’m saying extra large!”

“Um no! That’s why I’m saying 1 large”

The next customer:

“I want 1 chicken meal with coke. 1 Big Mac meal with coke and a quarter pounder and a coke”

“Ok sir, was that a quarter pounder meal?”

“I want a chicken meal..”

I inhale deeply “sir is that a quarter pounder sandwich or a meal?”

“I wanted a chicken meal with coke..” he began again.

“Sir,” I cut in “you asked for quarter pounder! I’m asking did you want a meal?!”

“I said it didn’t I?!”

“No! Now please pull ahead!”

“Ok so that’s a chicken meal…”

“Pull ahead!!!” I shouted.


“Hi how may help you”

Customer fumbles around.

“Hello may I help you?”

Customer still fumbles around.

“Hello?” I asked.




“Yes” I prompted him. My annoyance growing.

“What do you mean yes?! Aren’t you going to ask me for my order?!”

I threw a cup. “What do I mean, yes?! I already asked you numerous times for your order!” I snapped “can I have it please!”

“Oh my god, ask me for my order!”

“Sir, order or pull ahead!”

Then passenger got mad at him “she asked you for your order now tell her!”


There was a new girl working with us in drive thru after lunch. May looked at me with a pained expression on her face “she is new and they put her in here!”

I patted her on the shoulder “have fun training”

“No I don’t have the energy! You train her!”

“No I don’t have the patience you train her!”

May trained the new girl. Apparently she had been working for a month. Another new girl was working so well! I was so impressed by her!

May laughed at my enthusiastic praise of the other girl. “She is really good!”

I was just happy today.


I had a good laugh this morning!

I thought I heard everything in the customer service industry but this one took the cake!

It was breakfast time. One of our slow moments when a customer pulled up to Lane 1.

Lane 1 order taker proceeded to tell the customer that it was only breakfast.

The customer was not having it!

Curious, I turned on my headset.

“You are advertising lunch items!” The customer shouted. “And you are telling me it’s only breakfast!”

“Yes, we are advertising new products” lane 1 wasn’t being very successful in clarifying that she either ordered breakfast or nothing at all.

“That is ridiculous! I want to order lunch! You have signs that clearly are lunch items!”

“Ma’am all restaurants advertise products that are on the menu!” I broke in. My voice was cold. “It’s breakfast are we going to order or are we going to leave?!”

There was a collective gasp, then giggles from my team. “You need to remember I am the customer!” She shrieked “you don’t talk when I talk”

“I’m asking you to please order”

“You need to take down those signs!”

“Ma’am we have nothing to do with those signs” lane 1 sighed “we just work here”

“It’s ridiculous!”

My patience was at an end. For 10 minutes she bitched about not having lunch! At 9am!

“Alrighty then, you are not ordering?!” I demanded.

“I am ordering!”

She pulled up to the second window. Only the customer was a man. Oh snap! He was so livid he demanded to see a manager.

Steve asked him what happened, then stared at him, bemused “so then what did you want them to do? We have no lunch. I have no control over promos”

“I’m going to report you all to customer service!”

Everyone started laughing. “You have fun with that. Have a great day”

“What customer service?” We laughed.

“Don’t you know the customer is king?” I mimicked “the only king here is me!”

I was having a fun time. I was still quite nauseous. My energy level was fading in and out.

During lunch a customer order nuggets and Oreo McFlurry. I asked what kind of sauce. “I don’t know! Chocolate!”

“For nuggets?” I grimaced.

“Nuggets?! What are you talking about?”

I was beyond irritated. “What do you mean what am I talking about?!” I snapped “I asked you what sauce for your nuggets!”


After I came back from my break, Steve asked if I had went on my break.

I gawked“I just came back. You mean to tell me, you didn’t even notice I was gone?!” I was flabbergasted “it was that quiet?”

Steve frowned “if you are asking if it ran that smoothly? No it didn’t! I didn’t have a chance to enjoy it”

I laughed hysterically.

After work, I hurried to grab some medicine, gravol, Tylenol and I brought a new Squishmallow to treat myself.

My nausea was dragging me down! I snuggled up with my cats, had enough energy to tidy up and do a bit of laundry. I don’t have to anything for the rest of the weekend!

I was happy it was Friday! Relax and sleep!