Me: so what should I have for my birthday dinner tomorrow, Kai?

Mom: THIS is your birthday dinner!!!

Me: what?!!

Today was an ok day.

I was woken up by Daisy sitting on my head, purring.

First time for everything!

I started work early.

I didn’t mind. It made me realize unless I am constantly reminding them to do something, the weekend team would never get anything accomplished.

On the other hand, the weekend team allows the full time to do nothing. It’s nice not to have to scramble around to finish the graveyard shift’s/opening tasks!

“Becky you are making gravy? Great? Yesterday no one made any until we had an order of poutine!” Steve told me.

My head jerked up so fast, I was incredulous. “Are you kidding me?!”

He laughed. “No”

It’s the one task I hate. Every time I come on shift I always have to double check to make sure prep is ready. Or not too much overstock.

First day of school meant no more Summer drink sale! Crushing people’s dreams!😎😂

I no longer had go into 3 separate menus to get the drinks! Change drink options in the meals! It was wonderful!

I was in a somewhat cheerful mood until:

Customer: I will have a vanilla iced coffee with an extra shot.

Me: ok

Customer: with an extra shot.

Me: yes it says that.

Customer: I said an extra shot! I want 2 pumps!

I stopped making coffee glared at the CVS.

Me: ma’am 1 shot of vanilla equals 2 pumps!

Customer: I. Want. An. Extra. Shot. Of. Vanilla!!! what part of that you not getting?!!

Now I was beyond irritated.

Me: what part of 1 extra shot = 2 pumps of vanilla are YOU not getting?!!! Do you want 4 pumps?!”

Customer: oh. Yes. That’s what I ordered!

Me: for the last time and only time! You will order 1 vanilla iced coffee with 2 extra shots! Have I made myself clear?!

Customer: how many shots of vanilla am I getting?

Me: are you serious?! 8 pumps of sugar! 8!!!

Customer: I don’t..

Me: no. End of order. Have a nice day.

Then trying to explain to the mcCafe person how many shots?!🤦‍♀️😡🤬

Every order was paid out wrong!

I was stuck on cash after lunch.

It was ok. I was happy to be off.


I went to my parents for dinner.

My parents were telling me about their trip to Saskatchewan. I love visiting my family in Saskatoon.

My aunts were confident that I would be happy to move down to the city.

My mom told them otherwise. “No, she would have a hard time with how unclean the city is” my mom proceeded to tell me how dirty the restaurants were.

My dad laughed at my horrified expression. “We told your aunts there would be no way you would be able to handle it!”

I reached for my sanitizer bottle. “Gross!”

I will clean a table to my satisfaction at a restaurant. I am paranoid about cleanliness and smells. it’s embarrassing for others when I am around and I do cleaning. Oh well.


My mom forgot it was my birthday until my niece asked how old I was. She thought I was 42. How sweet.

When asked what I wanted for my birthday dinner and presents. My mind went blank.

I never know so my niece suggested a gift card for the book store.


Oh my gulay!🤬

When customers try to tell me how to do tell me how to do my job?!

Bro, how about you wear my uniform?! Then you can tell me?! Better yet until you learn how to tell me what you would like? Then you can tell me damn right!

You only have been eating the food since you could walk!

Customer: I would like a bacon egg meal and a hash brown and coffee.

Me: I’m sorry did you want the extra hash brown.

Customer: no I wanted a bacon egg muffin meal and a hash brown!

Me: sir, the meal comes with a hash brown. You said a meal and a hash brown that’s why I was asking if you wanted extra.

Customer: oh my god, I want a meal and a hash brown!

Me: meals come with a hash brown! I already have it on the screen!

Customer: well I am not going to argue with you! I said I wanted a meal with a hash brown

Me: alright we are done here. Have a nice day.

Customer: what?!

Me: have a nice day.

I said good day, sir!

Anyone who doesn’t order meals today? Will have their order a la carte!


Today began alright.

I started the morning in First booth.

A customer pulled up to the window.

“Did you take my order?!” She demanded.

Startled by her vicious tone, I sighed and answered no.

“The person who took my order was very arrogant! I couldn’t see my order and I asked if she got my 4 muffins. She wouldn’t answer me and just told me to pull ahead! That’s rude! Mcdonalds is getting worse than Tim Hortons! That’s an insult!”

I gave an half ass apology.

My last customer before I was supposed to leave first booth, decided to tell me AFTER I read back the order, took his money, it was wrong. “Really? Because you should READ the order screen, tell the order taker BEFORE you leave the speaker that it was wrong. I read it back to you. you should have told me it was wrong. Now it’s too late. Goodbye. Have a nice day.” I snapped.

He stared at me, his mouth dropped in disbelief. “Are you fucking kidding me?!”

“No. I gave you lots of time to tell me, but you were on your phone. Now goodbye! Next time get off your phone when we are talking to you!” I glared at him.

“Oh my gosh, Rebecca!” My coworker exclaimed “I can’t believe you said that to him!”

“I fucking hate people!” I shrilled. I handed her the headset. I marched to second booth.

Where my day didn’t fare much better.

“I would like a frappe”

“Ok, is it a coffee or a chai?”

“I said I wanted a frappe!”

“Ok and I am asking you which one. Coffee or chai?”

“Oh my god, I asked for a frappe!”

I lost my cool. “Sir, pick one! Coffee or a chai frappe!”

“I said a frappe..”

“Ok coffee. Have a nice day.”

“Wait. What. I wanted..”

“Have a nice day!”

I wasn’t playing.

One order was asked to pull ahead because he was waiting on cheeseburgers.

He called the restaurant, Derp answered. “If you could stop swearing I could help you. If you don’t I will hang up.”

Derp hung up. We were all standing around trying to listen in. The customer called back.

Apparently there was a ketchup pkg in his cheeseburger. The kitchen doesn’t have packaged ketchup, it would be impossible for kitchen to come upfront and get ketchup without a manager asking why.

After the manager explained how it was impossible, the customer went off. Saying he knows how it works around there, and as a manager Derp should know better.

Well, that really anger Derp. “So you have worked at McDonald’s? You have been a manager? You know how it works? Then you know I won’t be giving you a refund or compensation. Because you put the ketchup package in your burger.” (Unwrapped the burger and put it in)

After work I went to my parents for dinner.

I spent most of the evening in their bathroom due to rumble bum.

Out of nowhere I hear David Bowie’s Under Pressure.

Oh my gulay!

I burst out laughing!

My sister was standing outside the bathroom door playing the song!


Customer: I will have a bacon egg muffin. 1 hash brown. And an iced tea.

Me: I am sorry did you say you wanted a bacon egg muffin meal with orange juice.

Customer: with a hash brown.

Me: yes ma’am all meals come with hash browns.

Customer: wow! You don’t have to be condescending.

Me: I wasn’t being condescending. I was explaining what a meal was. Thanks tho. Now I am being condescending.

Go back to kindergarten because a menu with words AND pictures is just to hard to read!


Oh my gulay!

I need alcohol stat!

I wanted iced coffee because it was one of those days again! She didn’t put sugar in it! I’m going to have a melt down!

My eye is twitching! My anxiety is through the roof! I’m about to crack my foot off in these mutha chuckers! cups were flying!

I had to keep correcting procedures! I’m not a trainer! One girl almost wrecked the smoothie and espresso machine because she kept making drinks without ice or espresso beans! I just gave up let drive thru go to hell!

A customer had a meltdown because I kept saying no to him “all I want is chicken muffin! How hard is it to make a fucking chicken muffin! Put the patty on a muffin!”

“I am sorry I can’t do that”

Every time he tried to hand me my ass, I would tell him “no. Sorry. You can order something else or go”

He left. Called the manager to complain how I wouldn’t let him order chicken muffin for lunch. It’s all day breakfast! So why can’t he order it!

The manager explained to him it’s lunch. All day Breakfast had select items only. Goodbye.

A customer hello’d me in the middle of an order “are you serious?” I exclaimed “were you done ordering?”


“Please keep ordering! I’m multitasking! Your order is on the screen!” I cried.

After that I just gave up. I was using my Big Boy voice. Curt and to the point. I was also taking stand up naps because the customer took 8 hours to order 1 item! (Sarcasm)

I need lots of Iced Coffee! 😢


I can be really petty.

Especially when I am on the edge

This morning I hadn’t even begun my shift yet and someone wanted to test me.

I didn’t have my coffee! They really had a death wish?

It began with the supply truck driver parking in the middle of the parking lot when I arrived at the restaurant.

There was no way in and no way out if my driver was to drive all the way in. So I directed him to park in front of the restaurant. Blocking the supply truck.

The supply truck driver hadn’t seen me yet, until he looked up from his steering wheel. Our eyes met.

My lips slowly curved into a smirk when he realized he couldn’t drive out.

Oh to say he was pissed? It was an understatement!

I watched from my vehicle as he exploded into a fury of movement, his mouth flapping away. Gesturing me to move.

“You snooze you loose,bro!” I mouthed back. When he realized I wasn’t in a hurry to move? Oh he got madder!

I slowly opened the door. Stuck my foot out. Then put back it in the truck.

“Becky, are you getting out?!” My driver asked.

“I was so comfortable!” I whined. I stuck my foot again and then slowly slid down from the passenger seat. “Oh no I forgot my bag” I was like a sloth. Pivoting to reach for my work bag. “What about my mask?! Oh no!”

“Becky!” My driver burst out laughing.

Meanwhile the supply truck driver was livid. I could see him gesturing frantically as I made my way past his truck slow as a turtle. Stopping to adjust my mask.

When I recounted the event to my coworkers in the crew room a few minutes later, they groaned.

“Why are you so sassy! It’s too early!” GenZ asked.

I start to dread the hour before change over. AKA 10 am. While I enjoy crushing people’s dreams, its tiresome to always repeat “it’s breakfast time!”

One woman pulled up to my speaker “a large fry and a coke. That’s all” she spoke in a fast angry dismissive tone.

I chuckled. I waited until she was about to pull away. “Um no. It’s breakfast time”

She made an angry sound. She was stuck in drive thru. She had to drive through! 😂

One customer wanted his fries fresh. “You make sure they are fresh!”

Um no. They are going to be from yesterday!🤦‍♀️

So I waited until his order was the second to be handed out before telling the manager everything was fresh! The customer had to wait for fresh chicken and fries! Which pissed off the customer! Five minute wait!

I must admit my chemo brain has been improving. I haven’t had many brain fogs. However today I managed to spill a whole pot of coffee on myself without realizing it

Thankfully it was on my pant leg and it wasn’t that hot!


Was I sent home early because I was special Or because I was evil?

I came home. Collapsed on the bed and napped.

Last night was rough. I was in a lot of discomfort and barely slept.

I woke up this morning, the discomfort lessened but I had a bath to rid of it altogether!

What a morning!

I had no patience to deal with people.

“It’s breakfast time” was a mantra I had kept repeating.

How do people eat the same thing every day and yet still don’t know when lunch starts!

“But its 10:30” one customer whined.

“But is it 11?” I shot back “come back when it is”

A customer just ignored me. Talked over me kept ordering lunch then drove off. I just canceled his order😂

Oh then don’t talk to me about the women!

“I will have a chai frappe” – we don’t have it.

“I will have a sausage egg wrap” nope nope.

“I will have a bacon double sausage egg burrito” – oh come now you’re making that shit up! Read that menu screen!

I had to draw pictures, use a chalk board, and talk slowly whenever they wanted to use a coupon. It was as if their brain couldn’t perceive that there was a sausage egg AND sausage muffin.

“I don’t know. It’s a two can dine coupon”

Me: ma’am I’m asking if you would like a sausage egg or a sausage muffin.

Customer: sausage egg.

Me: ok.

Customer: so that’s a bacon egg and sausage muffin.

Me: you don’t want a sausage egg now?

Customer: what? I wanted a sausage muffin!

Me: ma’am you keep ordering sausage! I am explaining to you that sausage muffin does not come with egg!

Customer: yes I want egg!

The next customer ordered her coupon with griddles.

Me: what kind.

Customer: bacon and sausage.

Me: is that sausage egg or just sausage?

Customer: I want a bacon..

Oh hell no! Not this again! I thought angrily. Am I not speaking clearly?

Me: ma’am I am asking you about sausage griddle! A sausage griddle doesn’t come with egg or cheese.

Customer: I said I wanted a bacon

Me: will you answer my question! I already got the bacon griddle! Do you want egg on your sausage or not!

There was silence. Snickers from my drive thru team.

Customer: well I didn’t know about the griddles.

I sighed. “Ma’am I have asked more than three times!”

She finally finished ordering. I nearly threw my headset!

After that? Anyone who didn’t order properly got exactly what they ordered. Burger fries drink? Oh no! No meal for them. That was a coupon? Did you tell me? No? Oops!

I am just so happy it’s Friday! I am going to relax now!


I wondered why did I get up this morning?

It was so chaotic! Very busy!

I was like a chicken running around with it’s head cut off!

I was amazed I wasn’t throwing cups!

But boy, was my eye twitching!

Especially when Derp would call back drinks! Six orders ahead!

The final straw was when I had barely finished taking the order of juices and he demanded to know where they were!!!

There was a collective groan from the drive thru team. My head slowly lifted up from the juice machine menu, my hand paused on the buttons.

“I just took that order!” I replied.

“Rebecca it’s the first order! Where is it?!”

“Stop calling back drinks!” I shouted. “I just finished taking that order, right?!”

He slowly turned to look at drive thru team’s glares. “I was just…”

With drinks in hand, I marched up to him, slammed the drinks on the table. “You weren’t waiting! My order just popped up on the screen! So unless the order is waiting at the window?! Do NOT call your drinks!” I hissed.

“It’s called getting ahead!” Derp explained.

“Its called multi tasking! It’s what we are doing!” I gestured to the team. “Trying to take orders without you bellowing would be great!”

I marched back to my corner and sulked like a petulant child.

A customer tried to tell me damn right.

  • 1 hot chocolate
  • 4 chicken muffins
  • 12 hash browns
  • 10 espresso
  • 1 carafe
  • 12 donuts

I made the chicken muffin into meals.

“You got my order wrong!” That was the polite version.

I snorted. “No I didn’t. But thanx”

“Yes you did! There is supposed to be 12 hash browns!”

“There is” nothing irks me more than some people who don’t know how to read the screen as they order!

“No there isn’t!” He shouted.

“4 chicken muffin 4 hash browns 4 espresso are in a meal. Thanks.”

He finally paid then marched inside to complain how I got his order wrong. The manager pointed out every item on his receipt.

“I wanted the 10 espresso in the carafe!” The customer cried “how hard is it do your job!”

“Very hard since we don’t put espresso in carafes. Have a nice day!”

The manager marched over to Steve and explained what happened.

“He wanted espresso in the carafe?!” I laughed hysterically. The drive thru team began to laugh.

“Good luck with that!”

That made my morning!

The rest of the shift was being lazy, pretending to do work while the part timers took over for my drive thru team.

It got so bad, we needed 3 McCafe people in drive thru!

What was I doing?

Nothing. Just taking orders. Pretending to work.

Oh snap!


I was really surprised how I managed to keep myself from throwing cups at the part timers and customers today!

I was also surprised how chilled out I was for most of the time.

Just stood and watched the chaos erupting everywhere around me.

It began this morning when a problematic regular customer decided to try me.

I groaned in disbelief when I recognized her order. Why me!

“I want a BLT with bacon” she snapped.

“It comes with bacon”

“Are you having a rough morning?!” She shouted at me. “Are you not understanding the English that is coming out of my mouth?! I said a BLT..”

My head shot up so fast I nearly had whiplash! Anger surged through me. “Excuse me!” I snapped.

“Just punch in what I tell you!” She shouted.

“Ma’am I was explaining to you” I began.

“I don’t need you to tell me anything! you just do I as tell you!”

I was seeing red. “Ma’am are you finished?”


“Are you finished!”


“Then keep ordering. Then get out of my drive thru” I snarled.

She finished finally.

“That is it! I have had it!” I shouted. “She needs to be banned! Every time!”

My drive thru team stared at me in astonishment. “Becky!”

The part timers were infuriating. “Do I need to change the garbage?” Uh yes it’s full! “Which coffee do I use?” Look at the timer! I had to hold their hand for every little order! I stomped up to Annie “these girls need to be re-trained on procedures!” I exploded. Annie stared at me with dead eyes.

“Welcome to my hell”

I have always wondered if I would be able to remember how to do my previous positions. Gah, I am so ancient!

Well I didn’t have to wonder anymore!

Debit crashed this afternoon!

I was taking orders, making coffee, running mccafes by myself!😱

I had a surprisingly amount of energy, keeping up on every order, I was polite.

I didn’t have anyone barking at me for their orders. They would have caught these hands.

It was like the old days😂🥰😆😎

I was enjoying watching Steve throwing his headset. Throwing his hands up in frustration. Or after a customer told him he didn’t need to yell at him. Steve was being polite. But trying to understand a noob who didn’t even know the difference between a Bigmac and quarter pounder was? Boy, someone was testy!😂

Steve politely informed the customer he hadn’t heard him yell. Yelling at his kids is scarier.

I burst out laughing.

Annie asked me why I had been alone in second booth for so long?

I shrugged.

Oh well.

It’s Friday!


Working on holidays 😡🤬

A customer pulled up to the speaker and started ordering.

“I am sorry? I didn’t ask for your order please wait until I ask. Just 1 minute please” I reply

“Are you serious? Just get me my coffee” he started to beak me off.

“Hi May I take your order please”

“You don’t speak to me unless I talk to you!” He snapped.

Well my head shot up and I glared at the screen. “Excuse me?!”

“That is what you said!” He went on. “Now You wait until I speak to you!” He snapped. “Just get my order!”

“I never got your order!”

“I said get it!”

“Ok and now we are done! Goodbye. Your order is finished!” I snapped.

Derp told me to calm down the presenter was so upset and Derp just shrugged it off.

But then the customer phoned to complain how argumentative I was!

I gawked!

Annie told me to be more polite! I was until the customer was so rude.

Don’t think they won’t catch these hands!